Build a rack to house your wood chisels.

Step 1: Stock

Fashion a piece of wood stock to the dimensions required to accommodate a set of chisels. Measure spacing for holes.

Step 2: Drill

Drill the equidistant holes.

Step 3:

Drill extra spacing for the chisels with wider blades.

Step 4: Back

Fasten the rack to another piece of stock.

Step 5: Stack

Fasten the rack to the workbench and fill with chisels.

<p>Have to agree with the last comment. My chisels are razor sharp and I could just see slicing up a hand reaching for that surfoam plane or snips. Nice idea but you really protect the cutting edges.</p>
<p>If you have razor sharp edges I agree you would want some sort of protection or at least to position the rack away from tools you might reach for. The pictures of my rack might make them look like you could graze the chisels while reaching for another tool, but it is actually 8ft off the ground. I haven't put a good edge on them yet either, just wanted a place to store them until I do. At that time I'll probably re-position it in a more guarded place. </p>
<p>I am not usually one to make comments, but, I do like the rack, and I would put some blade protection on them as your rack position looks like you need a first aid box rather handy( yeah, picky I know) but safety first in workshops. </p>
<p>Hah most of my chisels are lying all over my shop, need to build one of this:) Thanks for sharing</p>
I got a bunch of chisels over the summer at garage sales, and was looking for a way to store them. This looks like a great design and I will definitely try it! Thank you!

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