Introduction: Chlorine/Mustard Gas

We made Chlorine/Mustard Gas by mixing Bleach and Ammonia.


17seconds (author)2012-12-16

It should be noted that mixing ammonia and bleach can produce TOXIC vapors. These toxic vapors can, at the very least, make you extremely ill. At worst, the vapors can kill you. There are much safer home chemistry experiments you can perform. I recommend skipping this one unless you have the appropriate safety gear.

audreyobscura (author)2012-12-13

you guys should be wearing masks and gloves while mixing these two materials.

Jakwiebus (author)2012-12-13

What you mean with :"Chlorine/Mustard Gas"
mustard gas is something different than Chlorine gas.
mustard gas : C4H8Cl2S
chlorine gas : Cl2
You can make the reaction a lot faster with HCl and bleach.

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