Yammy Candies for childs or decorate cakes.

You will need these :
1.Choco bar
2.Wafer bisquits (A half of Rangarang Minoo for each candy)
4.Red , Yellow and Green Smarties

Step 1: Prepare Base

Push thoothpicks in wafer

Step 2: Covering

Melt choco bars then cover wafers with melted choco

Step 3: Lights

Put covered candies on a wax paper on a plate and put smarties as lights on them then put the plate in refrigerator until choclate to be cool and solid.
You can use this candies to decorate cakes or serve for parties.
Thank you . I made these for a kid birthday party
<p>Very nice idea! Were these made for some kind of special occasion? They're so unique, I'm curious! :)</p>

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