Picture of Chocolate And Strawberry Cake
A simple rich chocolate cake covered with sweet strawberrys
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Step 1: Ingredients

for the sponge:
175g butter
175g caster sugar
3 medium eggs
175g self-raising flour
1tbs coco powder

for the icing:
175g chocolate
125g butter
4 tbs milk
200g icing sugar

Step 2: Cream The Butter And Sugar

Picture of Cream The Butter And Sugar
put the butter and sugar in a large mixing bowl and mix completely

Step 3: Now Mix In Three Eggs And The Flower

Picture of Now Mix In Three Eggs And The Flower
To the same bowl add the self raising flower and three medium eggs. I suggest that you beat the eggs separately and then pour them into the mix. I mixed the eggs in a mug before adding them in. It is important to work air into your cake when you mix so mix with a folding techinique or alternatively you could use an electrical whisk like I did. By adding air into your cake it will make it light. At this point your cake could curdle.

Step 4: Add Some Coco Powder To The Mix

Picture of Add Some Coco Powder To The Mix
It is really up to you how much coco powder you use but too much could make your cake too bitter. I suggest you use about a table spoon because this will give your cake a chocolatey flavor and a light brow chocolate colour without making it too bitter. Also I suggest you sift the coco powder to make sure there are no bitter lumps in the cake.Make sure you fold the coco in because you do not want to beat out the air you just put in.

Step 5: Spoon The Mix Into Your Cake Tins

Picture of Spoon The Mix Into Your Cake Tins
I am using 2x20cm round cake tins although it is really up to you which shape or size you decide you want to use. You should always grease your cake tins as this prevents the cake from becoming stuck to the sides of the tin or been burnt around the outside.

Step 6: Put The Cake Into The Oven

heat the oven too 180℃ or 350℉, gas mark 4. It is best to allow the oven some time to heat before putting your cakes in.
JosiesWorld (author) 1 year ago
thanks jessratfink! I my cake is not a lie I'm sure
Oddfuture1 year ago
pretty sure this cake is a lie
Oh wow! I want that. :D looks so good!