This is an Instructable for making a custom chocolate bar based on engraved material using food-grade silicone (casts can be made of gummies or hard candy as well).

The idea was a gift for my niece who is addicted to chocolate. It was a great way to teach her about mold-making & casting, as well as sharing! (we made party favors)

You will need:

- Acrylic, size to your specifications
- Equinox Silicone Putty (I used Equinox 38)
- Chocolate
- (Optional) Hot Glue

- Access to laser cutter
- 2 pots
- Stove Top
- Refrigerator
- (Optional) Hot Glue Gun

Step 1: Design and Make Your Engraving

I designed a simple illustration in Adobe Illustrator, saved it in SVG format, and then used a laser cutter to etch the image into a 3"x2", 1/4" thick piece of acrylic. Be sure to wash the piece with cold water to remove dust particles prior to next step.

Alternatively you could use wood. I like acrylic because it is clean after being etched and doesn't need any additional modifications such as sealing. Also, I would NOT recommend using masonite or similar material that can be cut with a laser if particles might find their way into your mold.

If you are interested casting multiple piece at once, I recommend designing a gang mold at this stage.

Obviously this form is modeled after a Hershey's bar. If you are interested in making a grid of pieces that can be broken up, design your illustration for the form accordingly.

Awesome! I might use this in my farmers market booth :)

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