New York style chocolate blackout cake is one of the darkest, richest, and densest chocolate cakes you may ever have the luxury of eating. Consisting of layers of spongy cake seperated and covered by a thick custard-like frosting, this is a cake to be reckoned with.

This recipe comes to me from my mother who has fairly high standard when it comes to chocolate blackout cake. For some time she has been trying to recreate the cake she used to get from the now-defunct Pakula's Bakery in Spring Valley, NY. While some versions have been close, this apparently is the stand-out amongst the bunch. From my viewpoint, this cake would be at home in a traditional Brooklyn bakery or sitting in a display case at a Jersey diner. In short, this cake is quite good.

Step 1: Chocolate Blackout Cake Ingredients

For the cake batter:

1 stick of butter (unsalted)
1/4 cup vegetable shortening
2 cups sugar
3 eggs
2 tsp vanilla
3/4 cup Dutch process cocoa powder
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt
2-1/4 cups cake flour
1 cup milk

Can you please tell us the equivilant of one stick of butter? <br>I can get &quot;sticks&quot;of butter in my city that are about 1/2 cup. But the butter in your picture looks more like the full sized butter available, which is 4 times the amount in a stick, or 454 grams.. <br>So would it be 1/2 cup of butter, or 2 cups of butter?<br>Thanks! ;)
<p>1/2 cup</p>
<p>Goes good with Coffee, too, I think! I'll have two slices, please!</p>
<p>Substitute the shortening for Lard and your cake will be far better. Shortening is the devils own grease.</p>
<p>Traditionally this cake was made in Jewish bakeries in and around New York - particularly Brooklyn. Historically lard was not used because it would make this cake decidedly not Kosher. I feel that replacing the shortening with more butter would be more appropriate to the recipe. </p>
<p>Hmmm, the Brooklyn Blackout Cake was first named at Ebinger's bakery during the second world war. George and Catherine Ebinger who set up Ebinger's bakery in 1898 were not Jewish. In 1962 seven members of CORE (Congress Of Racial Equality) were arrested for protesting outside Ebingers shop and stopping deliveries being made. They were protesting because Ebingers refused to employ Blacks, Hispanics and JEWS. Hardly Kosher. </p>
<p>Well - learn something new every day. Regardless, I still doubt that it was commonly made with lard. </p>
<p>Hi randofo, You're right, I doubt it would have been made with lard but I only suggested it as a replacement to vegetable shortening as shortening is not a good fat to be cooking with. Lard has had a bad press over the last few decades and it is undeserved as it is far superior to shortening and much healthier. Cakes and pastries baked with lard are delicious, try it, that was all I was suggesting.</p>
<p>You have succeeded in making my mouth water! We have a cake like this and almost the exact same frosting that has been in our family for many decades. </p><p>(only difference in the cake is we use real mayo instead of eggs and oil. You never taste the mayo, but it makes for a moister, dense cake. )</p><p>Have you ever tried the Dark Dutch processed cocoa for this? It just might be awesome! ~.^ </p>
<p>this cake looks so damn delicious!</p><p>i really hope i'll be able to try and make it soon!</p>

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