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Introduction: Chocolate Bowl

This is something I make on special occasions for my wife. My wife likes chocolate like representatives like their earmarks. Really this is fairly easy, there is only one thing (other than general cooking caution) that I must warn you about. That is, when you think the chocolate is cool enough to form let it cool more. This instructable uses a balloon to form the bowl, needless to say balloons do not like hot chocolate, at all. The first time I tried this, I rushed home to get everything done before my wife got home. I dipped the balloon in the chocolate to coat it and it instantaneously popped. That's when I found out chocolate loves to fly. I had chocolate over the counter, back splash, floor and my shirt. OK, so I changed my clothes waited a bit for it to cool and tried again. POP. At least this time it took a little longer the balloon was almost coated, so a lot more chocolate made the leap. To make a long story short (too late) cool to the touch but still semi liquid is better.

Step 1: You Will Need the Following:

Semi Sweet Chocolate
Round Balloons
Double Boiler and Water
Wax Paper
Bowl, Cookie Sheet, Stove, Refrigerator, and such

Step 2: Set Up Your Double Boiler to Melt the Chocolate

There are other ways to melt chocolate but this works pretty well. I just heard of using a heating pad and a metal bowl, but I can't personally recommend that, I've never tried it.

Step 3: Get Ready to Form

Once it is good and melted pour it into a bowl. I find a rounded one works best. Oh yeah, you might want to blow up the balloons somewhere in these steps.

Step 4: Pour the Foundation

Once it cools (See intro) pour a bowl then pour a base for each bowl on wax paper.


Carefully, AND I CANT SAY THAT ENOUGH, AFTER THE CHOCOLATE COOLS dip a balloon into the chocolate to coat it.
Just as carefully set it on the base you poured earlier.

Step 6: Put Them in Your Fridge to Set Up.

Let them chill out for a bit. this doesn't take to long.

Step 7: Once They Are Set Up

Pull them of the fridge pop the balloons and pull the balloons from the chocolate

Step 8: Fill and Eat

Fill them with what ever, fruit, whipped cream, more chocolate and eat.



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This has been a old trick I saw this 5 years ago


Sure, I posted this in February of 2009, so it is an old trick. It was featured in an Intructable Ebook, it's had over 27000 views. So I don't doubt you've seen it somewhere since then.

Would the bowl be too fragile or thin?


No, it holds up very nicely.

can you give me an idea of a strabari puding or yougert i can put in it

Thanks for the great directions! I used this to make bowls for the chocolate moose we had for dessert this Thanksgiving. I even added white chocolate swirls to some of them. It was a big hit.


Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I have tried to carry on the mantle from my mom who cooked for days to be ready for it. I am glad to have been a little part of your celebration.

Instead of 'Popping' the balloon you can also pinch it where you tied it (the part that is not taught) and prick a small hole with a needle and slowly let the air out... I want to do this with white & brown chocolate and add some crystalized sugar.. make it all sparkly like diamonds!

You should make an instructable out of that. Call it, "How to Make a Sample of Heaven". Your idea is the AWESOME!!!

HELL TO DA YEAH, now to found someway to combine this with a Tres Leche cake and im golden. or i can make the cake and this bowl separately, any suggestions anyone? i want to make this for my gf