Chocolate Boxes and Strawberries

Picture of Chocolate Boxes and Strawberries
A great way to give a present in a beautiful gift box, but the best way is to give it on a beautiful chocolate box that you can eat.
The boxes are really easy to do and they look amazing. Its hard to believe that they are made of chocolate.

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Step 1: Gather your materials

Picture of Gather your materials
For this boxes you need:
A plastic soft plastic box that you can get at any bakery.
Chocolate bars.
Plastic bags

Step 2: Making the box

Picture of Making the box
First you need to melt the chocolate the best way is to put it on the plastic bag and put it on the microwaveable 10 seconds at the time.
Every 10 seconds take out the microwave and mix the chocolate and repeat until all the content is melted. 
Once the chocolate is melted pour the chocolate in the box and rotate the box to get an even coverage. I wanted to put a heart and a date on it if you want to do this do it before you pour the first mix.
Let the box sit in the refrigerator for 5 minutes and the pour more chocolate to get an even coat until you are happy 
with the thickness.
Repeat this for the other side of the box.
A good way to check for thickness is to put the box to the light and you'll see if there is any weak spot that you can see the light.
yosusie4 years ago
Adding the heart and date is awesome. Much more personal and makes it open for any occasion! I can picture using this for Halloween!
poofrabbit4 years ago
Super cute idea!
roycetaft4 years ago
My girlfriend would love one of these! I'm definitely going to make her one and surprise her with it!
flyingpuppy4 years ago
Great Valentine's Day gift!