Step 5: The Cake Mixture

Get your mixing bowl and favourite utensil. Put the flour, un-refined sugar and cocoa powder in and mix. In a saucepan melt the butter and chocolate with 200ml of water, when melted add it to the dry ingredients in the mixing bowl, break the eggs in too and beat it all up.


Pour the cake mixture into your lined cake tin and bake for one hour on the middle shelf of the oven. When the hour is up, insert a skewer into the centre of the cake, if it comes out clean it's done. If cake mix sticks to the skewer it needs a little longer, give it another 5 minutes and check again.
Wow now that's chocolate!!! :D
It's time for <strong>The Cake</strong> once more. Happy 2nd Birthday Peg!<br /> Get to the cake before your Mum and Dad.<br />
Here we go again! Time to roll out the cake skills, 40th birthday this time. Has anyone out there tried making this themselves yet I wonder?
That and a hot cup of coffee would hit the spot.
That would be a fine combination indeed.
My waistline got bigger just reading this recipe. I'll send it to my wife, aka my favorite chocolate lovin lady. Nice photos! PS - whats the deal with the non sequitur cake toppers: a ghost, a frog, what appears to be candy corn, a penguin, and some sprinkles. Was the theme miscellaneous things laying around the pantry? Since you appear to like baking, check out the book "Hello, Cupcake!" - you'll thank me (and so will your kids and their friends)!
LOL, yes it does look a bit randomly adorned - funny that's supposed to be a puppy although upside down the dog does look spooky. In retrospect such a grouping ticks all the zero sequitur boxes. Will go for less is more next time, which... >checks calendar< will be in two days time, ho hum it's started again. Thanks for the book tip-off :)
Great camera work. And it looks really yummy! I've been craving chocolate for the past couple of days and this might have just pushed me over the edge. :D
Thank you, this is very auspicious. We are about to embark on baking this cake once more. It's been about 6 months since the last time, when things got a bit out of hand. 1st cake for my daughters birthday, 2nd cake for instructables photography, 3rd cake ( ye gods ) because we needed some more photos, but we'd eaten the 2nd cake by then! So now it's probably safe to return to this recipe. Hey it's the weekend lets do it!
those cake shots are worse than porn! I am SO hungry now! Your cake looks incredibly good, however I'm not sure how to translate the recipe into US ingredients and quantities. But thanks for sharing!
Ya, we have this recipe book from Land O' Lakes it has great photos of biscuits / cookies. But can we fathom the quantities? I mean - 'sticks of butter' 'cups'? lol.
Hey, thanks for the comment, I was thinking nobody could see my instructable, well I guess it's just a recipe really. I urge you to bake this chocolate cake before the week is out, you won't regret it :) And great cube cake too, do you remember the key ring sized rubics cube? It would be time consuming but you could use your method to make individual mini cubes.
Oh wow...I think I just died of a sugar overdose. My that looks good! I love your pictures, by the way. Very nice!

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