Two kinds of chocolate and cherries -- what could be bad about these cookies?  The only downside:  the recipe makes about two dozen, and demand may well outpace supply.

Step 1: Ingerdients

1. One and a fourth (1 1/4) cups flour

2. One half (1/2) teaspoon baking powder

3. One fourth (1/4) teaspoon salt

4. Five(5)  tablespoons butter, soften

5. One half (1/2) cup sugar

6. One half (1/2) cup brown sugar

7. One and a half (1 1/2) teaspoons vanilla

8. One (1) large egg white

9. Heaping one third (1/3) cup dried tart cherries

10. Heaping one fourth (1/4) cup semi sweet chocolate chunks (I couldn't find any at my store, so I used chips)

11. Heaping two and half (2 1/2) tablespoons white chocolate chips

12. Cooking spray

Also, use a couple mixing bowls, mixer (hand or stand alone), assorted measuring spoons and cups, mixing spoon, and a cookie sheet.
these look yummy!!!!! :)
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Thanks for the nice comment. I'm glad you like them! I had to give mine away before I ate them all.

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