What better way to play chess than to actually eat your opponent's captured pieces!  Now you can--provided you have a chocolate chess set.  In this instructable, I'll show you how easy it is to make your own chocolate chess set.  Imagine the look on a child's face when you teach them to play chess with chocolate!  And you will be the Willy Wonka of the chess world when you present an avid player with their very own chocolate chess set for their birthday.

I teach at an after school elementary chess club and I've been making these 3D chocolate chess pieces for our end-of-year parties.  I usually put the chess pieces on top of vanilla and chocolate cupcakes on a giant chess display board and tease the kids to play a game with me.  For our first end of school year party, I made flat two dimensional chess pieces by "painting" the chocolate on acetate and parchment paper.  The next year I wanted to make 3D chocolate chess pieces, and was getting ready to mold my own plastic chess set into FDA-approved silicone putty molds, when I stumbled upon this chocolate mold set online.  I immediately bought it (and 2 others) and began churning out 72 chocolate chess pieces for all the kids in the club to have one.

Step 1: Materials List

You will need:

Chocolate chess pieces mold (available online or in specialty cake supply shops)
12 oz White candy melts (they come in 12 oz bag)
12 oz Black candy melts (they come in 10 oz bags)
Plastic piping bags or plastic squeeze bottles
Small paring knife (not pictured)
Pair of white cotton gloves--you'll thank me later on this one!

You will NOT need:

Anything to grease the mold--the chocolate will pop easily out of a clean, *dry* mold.

(Water can make chocolate seize, so be sure to have everything dry.)
<p>I don't think I would have had the confidence to DIY if it wasn't for this!</p><p>I couldn't find the melts, so I used dark and white chocolate. </p><p>Thank you</p>
I love chess and chocolate even more now<br>
can i suggest using a hot plate or just a pan on really low heat to melt a flat side minutely, then press two together. should give the same effect as using melted chocolate to glue them but with a more even bond and less spillage
This seems kind of neat. I'm teaching my German roommate to play chess. Chocolate is always good.
We put our chess pieces in the freezer to give us a longer working time cleaning up the edges and glueing together. We also used white and dark chocolate squares for the board.
So cool. I will have to find those molds!
the thought of eating THAT MUCH chocolate makes me feel kinda nauseous other than that it's a brilliant idea
Yum! I will use these chocolate pieces on a chess board made of chocolate and normal graham crackers.
Awesome suggestion. That is a great easy way to make an edible board to go along with it!

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