Introduction: Chocolate Covered Bacon

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It's bacon covered in chocolate.

Step 1: Get Stuff

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Gather microwaveable bacon, a bar of chocolate (and if you don't have a double boiler) a small pot and a bowl.

Step 2: Melt the Chocolate

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Heat the stove to a medium heat. Add a little water to the pot. Take the chocolate and place it inside the bowl. Place the bowl on top of the pot.

Step 3: Prepare the Bacon!

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Microwave the bacon.

Step 4: Chocolate Is Melting...

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Step 5: Dipping the Bacon

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Turn off the stove. If you have the kind of bacon that is crispy, you may have to break it in halves and then dip it. If it is not crispy, place it whole in the bowl. Then put it on parchment paper. Put it in the bowl then flip it over.

Step 6: Add Additions

If you want, add sea salt, sprinkles, whatever you want!

Step 7: Let the Chocolate Dry


John_the_Builder (author)2015-04-04

Not the most appetizing looking thing, but I bet it tastes good. After all, who hasn't dipped their bacon in left-over Pancake Syrup on the bottom of their dish? Yum

Hilarixus (author)2015-04-04


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