Chocolate Covered Pretzel Rods

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When we first became “poor”, which was 15 years ago this month, I need to find an easy, inexpensive something to make for my Hubby and I to take to work and hand out to our Co-workers.  Since both of us tended to work where there were loads of co-workers, I needed something that wouldn’t break the bank for the 100 or so we needed.  I finally happened upon carmel and chocolate covered pretzel rods at our local Mall.  They ran from $2.50 to $4.00 each.  Looked wonderful, but way too pricey.  So I decided to DIM (do it myself).  They have been a big success and my Hubby has people who anxiously wait for their Pretzel Rod each Christmas.  So here is how I make Pretzel Rods for Christmas remembrance gifts. Let’s get started.
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Step 1:

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Pretzel Rods (look for the bag with the least breakage, around $2.25/bag for 25-28 rods)
Carmels (get the carmel that is for dipping apples or the little individually wrapped square ones +/- $3/lb.)
Milk Chocolate (get good quality chocolate, not chocolate chips, they are not designed to melt, I look for chocolate meant for chocolate fountains, they really work)
White Chocolate (again get good quality)
Parchment paper
Bowls (microwave safe)

Step 2:

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First you lay out parchment paper onto a flat surface big enough to make lots of pretzel rods.  You have to understand we are going to mass produce here.  Nothing less than 50 will be made at a time, (I’m kidding, make as many or as few as you need).

Step 3:

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Put on some Christmas music or a Christmas DVD to keep your mind busy while your hands unwrap a couple of pounds of carmel.  It really doesn’t take that long, but it seems like it.  This alone is a good reason to buy carmel that is in a microwave tub (meant for carmel apple dipping, but you have to get it during Halloween, they are hard to come by at Christmas). You can go either way.  If you buy a tub, follow the package directions.
bfrey27 months ago
Can you make them without caramel or is that the "secret" that makes them so good?
craftknowitall (author)  bfrey27 months ago
You can make them with out caramel, but they have that salt/caramel thing going when you have caramel. People like them without caramel, yet people LOVE them with caramel. The people my Hubby works with, look forward all year to getting one of these pretzels. So yeah it's the secret! Good luck and thanks for asking.
leah.wiley.969 months ago

Thanks for the instructions! I bought everything and will make today or tomorrow!

JaneH19 months ago

How far ahead of time can you make these?

craftknowitall (author)  JaneH19 months ago

Usually a week or two before my hubby needs them. Thanks for asking.

Thanks!! Making them today!! So far so good!!

sunshiine3 years ago
This is awesome! I loved the way you wrapped them! Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful week!
craftknowitall (author)  sunshiine3 years ago
The wrapping is half the gift. I wish I could hold your hand and teach you all my little secret that make it fun and easy. Thanks for looking.
Now that would make my day! I think I could learn some very fun stuff! I enjoy going the extra mile to give someone a truly wonderful gift from the heart! I hope your Christmas is filled with many delightful surprises ! Sunshiine
depotdevoid3 years ago
Very nice, those look delicious!
craftknowitall (author)  depotdevoid3 years ago

They taste as good as they look! Thanks for looking.
craftknowitall (author)  Heygalicious3 years ago
I love it! Thanks!