Chocolate Covered Squid - Valentine's Day Candy From the Sea


Step 3: Plate the Chocolates and Enjoy

Picture of Plate the Chocolates and Enjoy
With the chocolate sauce hardened and the squid nice and firm from the freezer the chocolates were pretty much done. I placed them onto a plate with some valentines day garnishes (many thanks to Canida for creating the blood orange skin heart) and then put the chocolates on the table to let them enjoy the view of the bay area sunset.

These were originally intended to be a Valentines Day super romantic present, but unfortunately my valentine is far away from me these days, and since squid don't travel very well in the mail, I ate them myself.

Happy Valentines Day.
Simplex40514 years ago
Dude, flipping brilliant. This also works with smoked salmon, and/or candied salmon. Octopus also works good, because the tentacles have a nice, slightly sweet flavour.
C18H21NO45 years ago
Where do I find squid?
surely it's very easy to find in the market, try to go to your nearest store
i have great ideas for these! if i get around to making them ill def post a pic!
I'm gonna have to try this now just to see if squid and chocolate are really two great tastes that taste great together! just like rocktheproject said i love both and never thought too mix 'em but now this is going to haunt me until i do...

dude, i'm going to have to give this one a shot- i don't know if my wife will be into it, but i love squid and chocolate, it just never occured to me to mix the two...
You did a great job on these, they're beautiful and well-placed. great instructable!

JessickaSin6 years ago
I love the presentation, and the second pic with the sunset...Awesome!!!
chriskarr6 years ago
Too bad about the Valentine being far away thing. I wish you luck with that, Noah.
Rockerdog7 years ago
Hahaha! If I ate squid, I'd totally be into this. They look so pretty! Nice Instructable, man, keep up the great work!