Picture of Chocolate Covered Strawberries
All you need is: Strawberries Chocolate And cling film! These are the easiest things to make ever!
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Step 1: Strawberries!

Picture of Strawberries!
Get your strawberries, these are English ones and they're huge, but I find little ones are nicer.

Step 2: Cling Film

Picture of Cling Film
Cover a plate in cling film, this helps take the strawberries off the plate without the chocolate sticking or breaking.

Step 3: Melting!

Picture of Melting!
Melt your chocolate. In a pan or microwave, I chose the microwave because i find it quicker. Melt it till it's nice and runny.

Step 4: Dipping!

Picture of Dipping!
2013 13:15.jpg
Dip strawberries in the chocolate, make sure to roll them evenly so that the chocolate is smooth and even.

Step 5: Yummy!

Picture of Yummy!
Pop them on the cling film and then refrigerate then till the chocolate is solid. Easy peasey! :)