Chocolate Creamy Dessert





Introduction: Chocolate Creamy Dessert

This is a combined dessert with chocolate cream, Mascarpone  and spongy cake.

Step 1: Ingriedients

For Sponge cake

8 Eggs

190 Gr Sugar

95 Gr flour

55 gr Corn flour

45 Gr Melted butter

1 Tsp vanilla

For the Sandwich

750 gr Mascarpone cheese

1 Tbl spoon vanilla

1/2 -1 cup Brown sugar

250 Gr Vanilla custard

2-3 Tble spoon Gelatine

For Chocolate Ganasche

2 Cups chocolate chips

2 Cups double cream.

Step 2:

1.  Separate egg yolks and whites.

2. Mix egg yolks on high speed until creamy.

3.  After a minute add 2 table spoon sugar and mix until it becomes thicker.

4. Add Vanilla and keep mixing until the mixture doubles the volume.

5.  Place the egg whites in a clean bowl ,beat high until white and frothy.

6. Add the Rest of the Sugar little  at a time

Step 3: Combine Egg Yolks and Whites

1. Now introduce egg whites to   egg York Mixture

2.  Fold them with a spatula-Do not over mix

Step 4: Complete the Batter

1.  Combine flour and corn flour in sieve,Sift slowly in to the mixture.Sifting flour will make the cake lighter.

2. Fold it together with out over mixing.

3. Add melted butter

4. Fold it together with out over mixing.

5. Spread the batter evenly in a spring form pan shake the pan to remove air pockets.

6.  Wow...It's done.Let it cool

Step 5:

1.  Beat the Mascarpone cheese well and add vanilla

2.  Add sugar.

3.  Add vanilla custard .

4.  Beat well and leave it in the fridge.

5. Make gelatine mixture and double boil till watery.Add this too to the Mascarpone mixture before you sand which the cakes.

Step 6: Chocolate Ganasche

Boil double cream

Melt the chocolate chips in the micro oven for about 50 seconds

Mix both together

Chocolate Ganasch is ready. Refrigerate for about 3-4 hours

Step 7:

1. Sandwich the two sponge cakes with Mascarpone cream

2. Top up the cake with the chocolate Ganasche

3.Lay the cake decorating stencils over the cake and dust some icing sugar -This is only for decoration.

4. High light it with Strawberries .Looks yummy ..Mouth watering ..

5. .For sure it is really delicious...   Try it out.

Thank you for taking time to read ,Please cast your votes and stars because this is a very good recipe.

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    Thank you! Try this ! Very good

    The cake looks super delicious!!!!

    try it out...............looks yummmmmy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    looks like yummmmmy................. try it out.................................

    looks yummmmmm, can't wait to try it out :D

    8 eggs? wow...
    looks great!...can't wait to try it out

    wow...this looks so so good....

    Thanks for your comment.Try it out..This is delicious...

    What is Mascarpone cheese? can i use any cheese? like cheese wedges?
    your family must be having a good time with all these wonderful deserts! First Gulabjam and now this..i'm sooooo jealous...could you like express post it to Sri lanka? :-)

    1 reply

    Mascarpone cheese is as same as wedges,more creamy.It is an Italian product.Sorry my family has no chance for a good time,because I make these delicious stuffs only when I invite people.They clean up every thing ,and my husband gets only a tiny share....I am a diabetes :( so no way!!

    Yes! Of course this a delicious dessert.Thanks