Step 3: Put Into Molds

You have several options here.

I melted several different kinds of chocolate so I could play around with decorations. I did some layered, some with dots of different colored chocolate, some with squiggles.

Or you can just do plain.

For adding dots and squiggles, you could of course use a pastry bag, but a quick and dirty way of doing it is to use a medicine dispenser syringe, just suck up your chocolate and dot it back out again. I found that White chocolate dots on regular chocolate worked pretty well, but dark chocolate embedded in white chocolate did not 'stick' as well. I suspect that it would work best if you used different colors of tinted white chocolate, so you wouldn't have the issue of different consistencies.

Just pipe your dots, etc into the mold, let set briefly, then pour/spoon over another color.

For layers, just pour or spoon in a small amount, let set, then spoon over a second layer, let set, then a third.

For a 'hidden' center, fill the bottom with color A, spoon a dollop of color B in the center, then completely cover with color A.

Yummy well it looks like it does it taste good?
This is such a good Idea and so cute!<br />
yum!<br />
For a sprinkle layer chocolate, could you pour 1/3 A chocolate, 1/3 sprinkles, then 1/3 Chocolate B or A? -PKT
wow, this really nice! good job on it!
last time I tried to make chocolate, it turned out bad because i didn't really knew how; now I know how. Thanks.. I'm gonna make this for make good friend of mine
Chocolate really is tricky. I try to work in small batches, and generally, you won't mess anything up as to make it inedible (just don't burn it!)
yeah, ok.. last time a tried out chocolate, i just stuck it in the microwave, but i really know how to make it right; the way with the stove. thanks for the advice! :)

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