Chocolate-Hazelnut Brittle





Introduction: Chocolate-Hazelnut Brittle

A very quick gift that will impress! You can use hazelnuts or any other nuts or cranberries, raisins, dried fruits.. it is up to you, be creative!

Step 1:

You need:

200 g dark Chocolate with Chili
300 g dark Chocolate at least 80%
(you can use 500 g dark chocolate if you do not like the chili)
200 g Hazelnuts

Melt the chocolate over a bain Marie.

The melted chocolate should reach a temperature of 100 C and melted completely.

Step 2:

Mix the melted chocolate with the hazelnuts and spread this on a sheet of baking paper. Put into the fridge for 10-15 minutes and then break into big pieces.



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    Wouldn't this be chocolate-hazelnut BARK rather than Brittle? Brittle is sugar, water, nuts, butter etc cooked to the hard candy stage [hard ball].

    Yes probably. My mother language is not English. I checked the internet and found several chocolate recipes called Brittle, so I titled it this way. But come to think BARK sounds a lot better! Thanks.

    Wow!! these look so delicious, no doubt they'll taste even more delicious!

    Yes they do, if you use good quality chocolate.

    Your recipes sound so delicious and your photos are just amazing :D

    Thank you very much! Yes, I work hard with my camera... :D