This week I bring you a super simple and delicious recipe!!!  I didn't have much time for a DIY but I still wanted to make something for all of you, so I hope you like it :)

You will need:

50 gr of chocolate
30 gr of butter
1 egg
20 gr of sugar
20 gr of flour

Ask me anything in the comment section and thanks for watching!!
How much grams of chocolate will be needed for 6 cupcakes
<p>Amazing recipe. Sooo easy and sooo delicious! </p><p>Thanks a lot for this recipe</p>
<p>I can only say...Thank you!!!</p><p>Awesome instructable!!!</p>
does it have to be solid chocolate? or can it be powder
<p>Chocolate lava cakes are my favoritest of favoritest desserts! I'm favoriting this and making it later for sure!</p>

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