Introduction: Chocolate Layer Cake: Polymer Clay

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This is an easy project for beginners

Step 1: Cake

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Roll out a color clay of cake
Use a cutter of a circle and cut the clay
Mark the center and start cutting triangles with the point in the mark in the center
Stack three triangles
If the cakes are not even, cut the biggest triangle to the same size as the others

Step 2: Cake Decorating

Picture of Cake Decorating

Roll out clay into a strip that is wide
Place the clay on the side of the cake and cut to the cake size
Turn over the cake and clay and cut again
Roll out a shin strip and place it on the cakes layers
Start decorating the cake with clay
Start moving into a circular with a toothpick on the cake layers

Step 3: Results

Picture of Results

Bake or glaze


Coolloom (author)2015-07-27

Looks real

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