Chocolate Molten Lava Cake - in the Microwave!

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Warning: the dessert you are about to create and consume is extremely chocolatey. It will kill your chocolate craving really fast. That aside, enjoy the most awesome 5-minute chocolate molten lava cake you've ever tried!

Step 1: Gather the ingredients

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The secret here is using melted dark chocolate. Cocoa powder doesn't hold a candle to it, and using bar chocolate negates the need for adding milk or oil while producing a really moist cake.

- 2 oz. dark chocolate bar (60% cocoa)
- 2 oz. butter
- 3 tbsp sugar
- 3 tbsp. flour
- 1 egg
- 1 chocolate truffle (Lindt truffles work great)

The chocolate truffle creates the warm oozy chocolate center of your cake.  Be sure to freeze it ahead of time and it will melt just perfectly once the cake is finished cooking.

Huskergirl7 months ago

this sounds delicious, but is it really 2 ounces of butter?? That's half a stick of butter! A quarter cup of butter for one cake?? I just don't know if I can do a half stick of butter for just one cake. I may try to make it with less because I'm guessing that maybe it was supposed to be 2 tbsp of butter???

ddmeoney Huskergirl11 minutes ago

FYI - 2 ounces of butter is 1/4 stick of butter.

I think they recommend 2 ounces of butter to keep your cake moist cuz the microwave will make your cake dry

I do you use all purpose flower? I was wondering how it would rise?

sabu.dawdy made it!10 months ago

i made this again this time with 47 % dark chocolate and mint flavoured...

sabu.dawdy11 months ago

i made this without truffle... and with 85, 70 % cocoa ( left overs) it was yummy but i burnt one of my cake ... but the second one was awesome

czflgator2 years ago
That looks incredibly yummy!
yanksguy3 years ago
Sprinkle the top with powdered sugar. Wowza!
mmme99 yanksguy2 years ago
Thanks for the tip!
sabu.dawdy3 years ago
Yum.. Can i use dark cooking chocolate? And can i use ferrero ball instead of truffle?
That looks incredibly good how did you come up with it?
mary candy3 years ago
reymyk3 years ago
instead of a microwave, im just using an ordinary oven in what temperature would i set it and how many minutes to cook?
sbarker24 years ago
Instead of the truffle I added a couple of blocks of dark chocolate, omnmomnm...
asherry14 years ago
It's best to melt the chocolate on a lower temperate for short bursts, stirring in-between times.
If you heat the chocolate too long or too high, you'll cause it to split.
Nothing worse then a big bowl of oil and cocoa solids!
tinker2344 years ago
wow hey could i use regular choclate
tinker2344 years ago
do i need the truffle
fhidiort (author)  tinker2344 years ago
No you don't need it; it will just have a cake rather than oozy center.
ok ill get a truffle
jackerboy4 years ago
does the dark chocolate add the taste of dark chocolate or is it just for cooking porporses because i dont like dark chocolate
fhidiort (author)  jackerboy4 years ago
It doesn't taste like *dark* chocolate, rather it just tastes more chocolatey. You can use the same amount of milk chocolate but will taste somewhat bland imo.
flyingpuppy4 years ago
I need me some chocolate after seeing this mouth-watering cake. And I don't even have to wait that long. : )
fhidiort (author)  flyingpuppy4 years ago
Yes, once you've got the recipe down it's literally 5 minutes from pulling stuff out of the cupboard to chow down