Chocolate Nutella Marshmallow Fudgy Brownies




Introduction: Chocolate Nutella Marshmallow Fudgy Brownies

In this video I show you all how to make these fudgy chewy delicious Nutella Brownies the simple way! The marshmallow adds extra chewy goodness to the brownies and the added chocolate chips will be melted when warm!

Step 1: Ingredients + Full Recipe!

Full Ingredients measurements:

• 1 Cup Butter

• 1 Cup White Sugar

• 1 Cup Brown Sugar

• 1 Cup Mini Marshmallows

• 1 Cup Dark Chocolate Chips

• 1 Cup Nutella

• 1 Cup Plain Flour

• 2 Tsb Vanilla Extract

• 4 Medium Eggs

• Half a cup Cocoa Powder

• Half Tsp Salt

• Half Tsp Baking Powder

Full Written Recipe:

• Pre heat oven to 350F/170C

• Start by sifting the Cocoa Powder, Flour, Baking Powder and Salt in to a large mixing bowl.

• In a separate bowl, add the Nutella and Butter and heat in the microwave for approximately 20- 30 seconds on high until melted.

• Add the white and brown Sugar to the melted chocolate and stir well using a spoon or a spatula. Avoid using a whisk for this recipe as you do not want as much air in as you would a cake.

• Add the eggs 2 at a time to the melted Chocolate mix making sure to mix well.

• To the Flour mix add the Marshmallows, Chocolate Chips and Vanilla Extract

• Then gradually add the melted chocolate mix to this and fold in gently until you have a smooth thick cake batter

. • Grease and line the bottom of a square cake tin

• Pour in the Chocolate Brownie Batter smoothing out evenly and bake in the oven for around 25-30 minutes until cooked. To see if the brownies are cooked, stick a knife in the middle and if it comes out clean with few crumbs, the brownie is done

 • Let this cool down, cut in to squares and serve! These will stay moist and soft for 4-5 days. That’s if they last that long: D



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