Picture of Chocolate Oatmeal Orange Bars

Sweet. Crunchy. Chocolatey. Orangey.. All these things packed in one Chocolate Bar and that too easily made at home with very simple ingredients. Roasted Oatmeal gives it the required crunchiness in every bite combined with the slight sweetness of condensed milk. It is definitely an interesting plus healthy sweet delight!

Step 1: Collect your ingredients

Picture of Collect your ingredients

2 cups oats
¾ cup condensed milk

200 gm cooking chocolate (I have use orange flavor here)

50 gm (roughly) dark chocolate

2 tbsp fresh cream


I really like the chocolate-orange combo. Wonder how it would be with orange zest added to the bars and then dipping in white or dark chocolate (in case you can't get orange cooking chocolate)?

pridhi31 (author)  PinchOfChili1 year ago

That is a nice idea for a different variation. Let me know how it works for you in case you do try it out! :)

sunshiine1 year ago

Yum this looks delicious! Thanks for sharing and do have a splendorous day!


pridhi31 (author)  sunshiine1 year ago

My pleasure! :)

Wow delicious :) Chocolate and orange do go well with each other.

pridhi31 (author)  Passion Make1 year ago

They sure do! :)