As promised here is my family Christmas truffle recipe. When I was making these this weekend I decided to make Chocolate orange ones... But I'll show you where to add your splash of Rum to make them into Rum truffles if you so wish :)

These truffles make fantastic Christmas Gifts, but are also great all year round! Have a look at my other Instructables for other sweets treats and wacky creations.

Step 1: Wotcha Gonna Need!

Right then:
1 Jam Swiss roll (make sure it DOESN'T have cream in it)
Bar of either yellow or natural Marzipan
2 big tablespoons of Strawberry Jam (or if you feel like it, shreadless Orange marmalade)
Either 2 bars of Milk chocolate, Plain chocolate or a bar of each
Cocoa powder (not drinking chocolate)
Chocolate vermicelli
Orange natural food flavouring/or\ Tripple Sec / Cointreau OR Rum


Pyrex bowl
Mixing bowl
Non-Latex-Non-powdered gloves

Petit fours cake cases
Terrys Chocolate Orange (remember it's not Terrys, It's mine!)

Awesome 'able... Thanks for sharing!
Not a problem! Hope you enjoyed the I'ble
Might have to make a box of these to convince the girl I like to go out with me :-P<br>Thanks for the guide - these look great!
Do you intend to get her drunk on them??? ;) i think if i got some hand made truffles i would go out with you too! hehehe
Bahahahahaha no not drunk, just as a nice gift; home made stuff always means so much more.<br>As for the offer, thanks, but I doubt there is enough alcohol in your town to get you drunk enough :-P<br><br>James
hehehe well if you do decide to make some let me know if there is any part of the I'ble that needs explaining more and I'll ammend it! And Good luck matey! Hope she's impressed
Thanks :-) And yes of course I'll let you know, but I reckon it's good enough as it is!
You must be British, I seldom see Swiss rolls (I think a.k.a. &quot;Jelly Rolls&quot;?) in the US without cream in them :-( Even the strawberry ones are strawberry *and* cream. Yech.
hehe Guilty as charged... I suppose you could make a simple sponge cake (or buy one)<br><br>when I make a sponge I use:<br><br>(the following is my basic cake , i use the 4,4,4,:2 ratio, and just build upon it for the size of cake)<br><br>4 oz of butter<br>4oz castor sugar<br>4 oz self raising flour<br>2 eggs<br><br>mix the butter and the sugar<br>add the eggs<br>stir in the flour<br>(put in a little vanilla essence if so inclined) <br><br>bake in the oven at about 200deg c until golden brown, or until if you stab it with a knife in the thickest part of the cake, the knife should come out clean (this method is explained in my Bilbo's seed cake recipie ible)<br><br>If you used the finished sponge cake for the truffles, I would just spread some strawberry jam on the top before adding it to my mix... <br><br>Hope that helps
These look really yummy.
Oh well the proof is in the tasting.... ;)
They look wonderful!
Thanks Chrys, they tasted great too ;)
<br> Nice stuff there.<br> <br> L<br>
Thanks Lemonie :)
I like these, many people hate marzipan, but I dont - it reminds me of nitrobenzene....<br> <br> L<br>
Enough rum, and you'll not know (or care) what's in them ;)

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