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My family is ever on the lookout for what we call 'healthfood junkfood' recipes.  While we aren't vegans, we try to eat healthy whole foods and stay away from processed sugars - like white sugar and marshmallow creme - so naturally fudge is now extinct in our household.  But my mom adores it so I came up with this recipe - it makes about a pound of fudge and uses only 3 tablespoons of maple syrup!  Granted this is NOT a health food - the calories are high but at least the ingredient list is short ;)  Not only does it look and feel like fudge, it tastes (in my humble opinion) even better than the 'real' stuff and is much quicker and easier to make. 


-1 cup natural peanut butter
-1/4 cup coconut oil, softened
-3 tablespoons pure maple syrup
-3 tablespoons cocoa

In a bowl, mix all the ingredients together very well until smooth, making sure to work out the lumps of peanut butter (it will look exactly like brownie batter). 

Line a pie pan or similar sized dish with plastic wrap or tin foil (I like to use just a large gallon zip lock bag).  Give the lined dish a spray of cooking oil or grease it with oil of your choice.

Pour the peanut butter mixture into the dish and place in freezer to firm up before cutting, about an hour.  Keep uneaten fudge in the freezer as it will quickly melt at room temperature!


CreativeBlossom (author)2016-08-21

It looks so good! By the way I love your profile picture! ;D

SophiesFoodieFiles (author)2016-01-07

An excellent & just wonderful easy recipe! Yum! ?

ksinegal (author)2015-10-07

They have great recipes and deserts..

satoko68 (author)2015-03-20

Spectacular recipe I'm going to use for making my next batch of medibles. Will just replace the regular peanut butter & regular coconut oil with their infused versions & will add rice crispies. Thanks for the easy-to-throw-together recipe! :-)

Chelsee (author)2013-01-29

Does this only work with peanut butter? I have a friend who is vegan and although they like peanut butter I thought about replacing it with creamy Biscoff instead. Cause that stuff is amazing! The only problem is that it is not as sticky as PB :/

yourmom1999 (author)2012-12-16

eating fuge right now:)

susanchen2011 (author)2012-08-07

It is very good. Thank you for your sharing.

dreamberry (author)2012-06-12

I'm going to try this, but I will add protein powder. I'll let you know how it turns out!

jessyratfink (author)2012-06-11

Oh, that sounds awesome. I might try making this soon. I recently bought some sun butter and made my nut allergic boyfriend peanut butter cups for the first time and he loved them. I bet this will be the same. :D

Thanks! :) I've never tried sun butter, but if it's similar in fat content to peanut butter it should work fine!

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