Step 3: Remove Chocolate From Egg Shaped Cookie Cutter.

Remove the chocolate egg from the cookie cutter by gently pulling the edge of the cutter away from the chocolate. The chocolate egg should fall right out of the cutter.

You will need to repeat the process above to make the second egg. You need one egg shaped base and one egg shaped lid. Be sure to reserve about an ounce of melted chocolate to use as the glue that will hold the pieces of your box together. Once you un-mold your eggs, turn them upside down and use the smooth side of each egg for the base and top of your box.
<p>So adorable!!!!!! Have you tried adding peppermint extract to the snowflakes? And Wilton Pearl Dust would make them shiny!</p>
Thanks! I have not every used peppermint extract, but have used LorAnn Peppermint Oil which works very well. I've also used Luster dust to make the candies shiny and they look so pretty that way.
Very nice penguin! I want to eat it)))
These are so cute!
Almost too cute to eat!
This is so adorable!

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