Picture of Chocolate Scones
OK, so im doing an instructable after a long long long time and though of making scones, and then hell why not chocolate scones,
so today ill be showing you how to make some delicious chocolate scones,  some of the Chocolate is gooey.

Step 1: Ingredients

5 tbsp unsalted butter + extra for greasing
2 cups self rising flour - sifted
1tbsp superfine sugar
2/3 cup chocolate chips (i couldn't find any so i cut up cooking chocolate in pieces) 
2/3 cup milk (you might need more) + extra for brushing
plain or all purpose flour for dusting
sauwen4 years ago
Ooo la la!~ Looks great!!
Andy2444 years ago
Thank you for the recipe, 'm going to try it tonight:)
aasif.faiz (author)  Andy2444 years ago
ur welcome, tell me how it goes n if it comes out allright, :)
Purple Guy4 years ago
My mouth is watering!....
aasif.faiz (author)  Purple Guy4 years ago
hehe i bet, thy were yummy