Introduction: Chocolate Swiss Roll

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Very Famous and delicious cake recipe made in many places of the world.

Its very easy to make at home with few ingredients.

Its one of the very good looking dish for a party or occasion. Do give a try. Eat n Enjoy.

Step 1: Ingredients

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1. All Purpose Flour-50 grams

2. Egg Yolks- 3

3. Oil- 10 ml

4. Cocoa Powder- 10 grams

5. Milk- 10 ml ( if Required )

6. Baking soda- 1 tsp

7. vanilla essence powder- 1 tsp

8. Sugar-60 - 70 grams ( in total) ---- 20- 25 grams ( used with egg yolks) and 40 -45 grams ( used in Egg whites)

9. Egg whites- 3

( For Filling)

Whipping Cream - 300 ml

Sugar - 1 tbsp

Vanilla essence powder- less than 1/2 tsp

Step 2: Method

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Take a bowl and add oil and cocoa powder and mix well.

After that add in same bowl egg yolks and sugar( 20- 25 grams) and mix well. Now add 1/2 tsp of the vanilla essence and 1 tsp of baking powder and mix every thing well.

If you find this mixture thick add 10 ml of milk and well combine the batter now add in the all purpose flour and mix well.. For now keep this batter aside.

Now in a bowl beat the egg whites and in between add in sugar(40- 45 grams)and vanilla essence 1/2 tsp, beat this mixture until it reaches hard peak. Now add this white yolk mixture to the cocoa ,egg yolks and all purpose flour batter. Fold in very gently. do not over mix it.

Now take a rectangular shape baking dish and add in the batter , bake it at 185 degree Celsius for 12- 15 mins.Check by inserting a tooth pick in the center of the cake , if it comes out clean that means its done. When its baked let it cool for a white.

Then take it out from the baking dish and roll it in a kitchen towel. let it cool completely in room temperature. After its cool open the cake for its filling.

Now take the whipping cream and spread it on the cake . roll it and sprinkle some powdered sugar on top of the roll cake... its ready to serve.. eat and enjoy...


fmaulana4 (author)2016-02-28

great it so tasty food and easy to make

KrazyK4 (author)2016-02-28

I made this in Food Tech and it failed. I'm gonna try it again becuase yours looks amazing and I want one!!!

Cook n Enjoy (author)KrazyK42016-02-28

Thanks.... Go ahead ....its easy ... good wishes :)

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