Chocolate Tortilla Ice Cream Enchilada

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Made this wonderful discovery at a small, hole in the wall cafe in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Of course the chef wouldn't reveal her secret, but I searched for chocolate tortilla recipes and have to admit this dessert is pretty close to hers!

Step 1: Ingredients

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Chocolate Tortilla
1/2 cup flour
1/2 cup sugar
3 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa
1/4 cup milk
2 eggs
1/4 cup vegetable oil
1 teaspoon vanilla
dash of salt

ice cream (any flavor)

chocolate syrup or sauce
fresh strawberries
Looks like a crepe more than a tortilla. . Either way. Looks great. .
boom man563 years ago
were do you get the Chocolate Tortilla?
|:( Seriously?
yeah Seriously, where?
There's a recipe here for the tortilla...
marsua693 years ago
I am from mexico ...and really this is a good idea !!!!!congratgulations!!!
gabreis3 years ago
i've made these myself, they are really tasty, amazing!
thanks for sharing with us!!!
celina y3 years ago
kahopp3 years ago
Which restaurant did you go to in Albuquerque? I'm moving there soon :)
Mr. Squishy6 years ago
Don't you need to fold up the bottom of the tortilla? Because the Ice cream will fall out if you don't.
ever heard of looks?
its supposed to look cool duh
 No, it needs to work out, not look cool.
Its a enchilada. Not a taco or a burrito. learn your food.
dont know about you but it actually looks more like a crepe to me
yeah I reckon I'ts a crepe too
Not on this type of dish, you are supposed use knives and forks. :)
 Its a Tortilla, you eat it with you hands
have you ever had an enchilada? you'd make a big mess if you tried eating one with your hands.

i think you're thinking of a burro (burrito), but you can even eat those with a fork and knife if you want. there's no rules.

trust me, i live in tucson -- we practically live on mexican food here!  :o)
im in modesto california, and im mexican, so everyday is mexican day, lol
I live in Fresno, CA, there is TON of Mexicans here. (Also some good taco trucks :-))
Taco trucks are awesome :D
I know right? There is no reason why they are awesome they just are
Megrathea694 years ago
What about using white or milk chocolate for the tortilla and putting dark chocolate or fruit in sauce inside
PKTraceur6 years ago
Isnt this a chocolate crepe filled with icecream? Schweet! -PKT
crepes consist of mainly eggs, dont they? have kind of an eggy taste i believe
not really. crepes are mah fave breakfast food,so yah.....
sansoy (author)  PKTraceur6 years ago
a few other commenters have said the same thing and probably yes! i did search for a chocolate tortilla recipe and this is the only one i could find. this recipe is a lot thicker than a normal crepe. if you have any ideas on creating a real chocolate tortilla please share!
Well, sorry for the recomment, however, since it is thicker, it may be considered a tortilla! Since it is thicker, could you set it like a taco, dip in chocolate, and freeze/refrigerate? Fill with icecream, and eat! -PKT
 Your on to something PK, I recon they'd be good mini choc tacos. DO IT!

     -Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, Chris
komecake4 years ago
Somehow I have stumbled upon this again. Why haven't I made this yet?! Gah.... *Drool*
unknown11404 years ago
Wow!!! Just did it and loved!!!! I didn't have the vanila and just 6 tblspoon of sugar and it was great anyway!!! My girl loved!!!!

Thank you!!!
Sherlock695 years ago
How many Enchilada's would this recipe make??? I have GOT to try this VERY soon!
blufreak8065 years ago
I would have to say I can try making a cocoa tortilla but for a bit of a suggestion, I have found that many chocolate deserts especially here near the TX NM CO AZ area try a hint of cinnamon and or nutmeg to the tortilla recipe. It may be the hint of flavor that would make this just like the one in Albq, NM.
yum  yum gonna make it today :) :) :)
 omg these were gorgeous, my family now worship me! teehee  
benfolkens75 years ago

who loves cheese

benfolkens75 years ago
This is the best ice-cream thing EVER! Its the bomb!
lunarmagpie5 years ago
this sounds pretty tasty! will have to give it a try.
quesoman5 years ago
Is this recipe from hevean?????????
Mabye...that's sure what I thought....wiat, no...I was thinking "COCLATE BURRITOS!!!!'
mr_ejd5 years ago
should this be done on high heat or does it matter?
Looks like a crepe to me, but I'm not complaining ;D
isamucool5 years ago
Here in Mexico normally a enchilada is made with and spicy salsa lol but your reinvetion its so goood
dawgz0315 years ago
one word...WOW!!!!....
really nice..............
the best that i have seen........

makes me wanna try this one now.......
it really makes my mouth water.......
Robot Lover5 years ago
that looks like a chocolate canoli
it looks yummy!!!!
Thanks for the recipe. I have been looking for Choco Tacos and haven't been able to find them. This has been helping me cope.
loppy965 years ago
How many enciladas does this recipe yeild

 I just made this.  It was a delisious but i would recomend doubling the recipe.
Caulerpa6 years ago
I made this a little while ago and it was very good. Instead of just buying chocolate sauce I used the same one I use for my eclairs: 1 (1 oz.) square unsweetened chocolate, chopped 1 tbsp. butter 1 c. confectioner’s sugar 2 tbsp. boiling water In a small saucepan, melt chocolate and 1 tbsp. butter over low heat. Remove from heat and, with an electric mixer, beat in the confectioner’s sugar and 2 tbsp. hot water. Beat until smooth.
It looks crepe-y! get it? LAWL no really in looks like a crepe to me. Om nom nom.
LilLaTLuv6 years ago
Hey! Oh, wow. That's pretty and yummy. I want to eat it off the screen, it looks so good! I have GOT to try this. Thanks for the great tips! Luv ya, Tashi :)
chucytbear6 years ago
this sounds awesome. im gonna try it.
I made this a few days back as the capstone to an anniversary dinner. It went over really well! I added powdered sugar, which made an excellent addition to both flavor and appearance. People should know that this recipe makes about a dozen tortillas, so there will likely be extra.
shadow7606 years ago
this looks like the best thing iv ever had mmmmmmmmm
dp mac6 years ago
is there anything to use besids nilla extract?
switz426 years ago
For a variation on the filling: I have done this with a chocolate cheesecake filling. It is very easy-just get a box of instant chocolate pudding and a no-bake cheesecake, combine the two mixes (minus, obviously, the crumb crust for the cheesecake), mix with milk and chill as instructed. This makes a lovely filling. I usually roll the tortilla around the filling as you do with the ice cream and top with whipped cream, chocolate syrup and caramel. Rave reviews when I make this for my friends!
Makoto26 years ago
It was great! tnkx for the recipe
Aznhick6 years ago
How might I attempt this using pancake mix? It contains most of the ingredients needed but I don't know in what proportions the mix has them in. It would be nice if that could be added as an alternate option to the instructable.
xd12c6 years ago
Instead of drizzling syrup, wouldn't also be possible to dip in metled chocolate & return to freezer for a chocolate taco? rest them on wax paper like a chocolate dipped straberry...
Short One xd12c6 years ago
MMM. I like that Idea! That's genius! And if you keep it frozen, it would be perfect for a hot day!!!!
eash6 years ago
So, the big man and I are eating this right now and it's absolutely fabulous. Kudos!
mr.wii36 years ago
that looks good!
Alcreion6 years ago
if your going to use whip cream as a topping or a filling youll need to cool the tortilla or else the it the whip cream will melt into a buttery substance. VERY NICE RECIPE!!!!
helloworld16 years ago
taassssttttyy! man that looks good!
gamefreek6 years ago
sebberdreng6 years ago
Do i need to make it sit in 2 hours?
kmc5126 years ago
i tried this, and it ended up just tasting like ice cream wrapped in pancakes. i think i might have just made them too thick, but good concept! :)
hg3416 years ago
if only I could cook...I eveny you!!!
tazdev6 years ago
I got up and specifically just went to the store to get the ingredients to make this!!!! I mean I got nothing else but what I was missing. BTW, decent store is 20 min away!!!
nannysarah6 years ago
OoOOOooooh GAWD that looks good!!!
yum sounds great can not wait to try
Mr. Squishy6 years ago
Shouldn't the strawberries and the chocolate syrup go on the inside of the tortilia instead of the outside? Because the outside would be too much of a mess.
Made some up this weekend and they were enjoyed by all. Thank you.
*Droooooooooooooool* I don't even know what it tastes like, but I know I want one
SweetCali406 years ago
You know.. cinnamon is associated with mexican type food. I wonder, would you put cinnamon in the mixture itself or sprinkle it on the dish with powdered sugar or cocoa... Man I cannot wait to have this for Breakfast :-)
Lol this is so weird. I've been having dreams about chocolate tortillas... alas, dreams really do come true xD It looks fantastic
fsm19826 years ago
I made it!! Very best!!!
srilyk6 years ago
great, now I'm drooling!
Mr. Hyde6 years ago
Awesome. Just awesome.
dwhp6 years ago
5 star! creative with making the tortilla at your house,On my fave list.
sansoy (author)  dwhp6 years ago
wow! thanks for the compliment. if you have any thoughts on how to improve this please let me know!
dwhp sansoy6 years ago
maybe you could put whipped cream in too.
I used hershey's special dark cocoa, and dose any one know how many this makes
Sandisk1duo6 years ago
looks VERY good!
sansoy (author)  Sandisk1duo6 years ago
hey thanks!
twist2b6 years ago
My sisters major involves this stuff... SHe will be happy I sent it to her :)
As i read the title, my mouth started to drool. Mexican food and Chocolate made into one delicious flavor?! There is a god.
your saying you'll worship him as a god?(snigger,snigger,sneer)
just made them, they taste great!
jad24116 years ago
Looks very good!!
tho' it shouldn't be called enchilada, instead, burrito maybe?
enchilada = contains chile hehehe
sansoy (author)  jad24116 years ago
LOL! i was thinking about that and realized that the biggest difference between a taco, enchilada & burrito is how they are folded. I guess if i folded the ends so you couldn't see the filling it could be a burrito!
AFergie sansoy6 years ago
So good! Have you ever tried deep frying them? I went to a resteraunt and got a mini chocolate chimi that had a chocolate and cream cheese filling and was so delish! And I found your recipe trying to find something like it! So any chance on that end?
jad2411 sansoy6 years ago
Enchilada is a rolled corn tortilla with cheese or chicken on the inside with either red or green chili sauce and more chesse on top Taco is a folded corn tortilla with beef or chicken inside Burrito is a rolled flour tortilla with a variety of choices On all 3 the tortilla is soft You can make a tostada wich is a fried tortilla and put mostly the same toppings. Tex-mex tacos are on a hard tortilla shell hehehe Still the name enchilada means contains chile, so that doesn't apply to this dessert I love mexican food, then italian :D
actually the conception of tacos consists of any kind of tortilla filled with anything
sansoy (author)  jad24116 years ago
LOL! Fine! So if i stuff it with Chile Ice Cream would you be happy?!
That may be a stroke of genius.
sansoy (author)  mdeblasi16 years ago
i'll let you write the instructable for chile ice cream!
Quizicat6 years ago
It sounds great. How many does it make? # of servings would be nice to add to any recipe. Thanks again!
aarone6 years ago
I tried this tonight. Absolutely fantastic. I didn't have the patience to wait 2 hours so I didn't refrigerate. Everything turned out great. Put the extra batter in the fridge and we'll try tomorrow, see if it makes a difference.
alffly6 years ago
Tried it, ate it, loved it. Great Instructable. All I have to do now is figure out how to make sure the batter doesn't stick to the pan... :(
sansoy (author)  alffly6 years ago
i did the exact same thing my first time. it works best with nonstick teflon coated pans! glad u enjoyed it!
jdoe44 sansoy6 years ago
I fried mine on seasoned cast iron and it didn't stick at all. It got beautifully browned, too. Really a wonderful recipe!
Hulya6 years ago
This dish is of sous chef quality. It has a universal appeal. Good job. Well done. Any investment opportunities in this endeavor? Let us know. You captivated your audience.
sansoy (author)  Hulya6 years ago
haha. welcome to the instructables club. you should post some of your delicious recipes! thanks for the kudos!
Hulya sansoy6 years ago
Looks like this is a HIT! Any sugar free/ low carb possibilities?
Hulya sansoy6 years ago
Oh no.....you are the creative genius in this family (not I). Congrats on all the kudos!
sismart6 years ago
What is the significance of fridging it for two hours? The ingredients look like any crepe-type recipe. My husband is from Sweden and we make pancakes often and never fridge them before cooking. What does it do to the texture and outcome?
The reason for allowing a crepe mixture rest before cooking is to allow any air within the mixture to find it's way up and out. You don't want bubbles in a crepe.

Pancakes are different tho. Air bubbles mean fluffiness in that case tho.

A note about mixing this. If you want your crepe's/pancakes (which is what these are more than tortillas) light, as most crepe's are, do not mix this for 5 minutes. Add your dry ingredients, mix them together, then add your wet, and mix just until combined. Step away. It is okay if there are lumps! They will cook out, and you will end up with a much better crepe.

Over mixing creates gluten, which causes chewiness (think sourdough. LOTS of gluten)

This recipe sounds great sansoy. Can't wait to try it. :)
Also, refrigerating the mixture allows the glutes to settle. This makes for smoother, more evenly brown crepes.
thanks for the tip! it looks GOOD!
sansoy (author)  sismart6 years ago
I have no idea. again i found a similar version of the "chocolate" tortilla on the web. The original version called for just egg whites and skim milk. Maybe we should ask Instructables to sponsor a Chocolate Tortilla Contest!
dark cocoa works better
sansoy (author)  crazypiro9116 years ago
ooooh. that sounds really good. can you recommend any brands you like?
Trumpet6 years ago
Mmmm. Just made them, and they were DELICIOUS!
sansoy (author)  Trumpet6 years ago
Edaemus6 years ago
A note! Do NOT, under any circumstances, try to eat all of this recipe yourself - especially in one consecutive sitting! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED
why not...?
its too good not to !! ! ! !!!
yummy, can't wait to get rid of my cold so I can try this.
don't wait! chocolate relieves cold symptoms.
sismart6 years ago
Simple and beautiful. Nice twist on the pancake. Thanks for posting!
HaCo6 years ago
Want to taste this as well , maybe this weekend... :D
amfisher6 years ago
That looks sooo good and I am going to make them tonight. I really hate to tell you all though...these are crepes not tortillas. Tortillas are made from a dough have no eggs and need to be rolled out. Thanks for the great recipe anyway I'm sure we will love it.
sansoy (author)  amfisher6 years ago
thanks for the kudos. i agree about crepes being made with eggs. I made my tortilla, aka crepe, much thicker than the standard crepe. I am very interested in an eggless recipe that is much closer to the true tortilla. if you know any recipes please share!
Wow! How wonderful and simple too! I am going to make this for our club house dinner on Mexican food night. Yum!
KillerPanda6 years ago
Nice! almost like a canoli 4.5 stars =)
sansoy (author)  KillerPanda6 years ago
ooh a chocolate canoli sounds really good to! you should submit a recipe for one. thank you for the high rating.
im not much of a chef, but i guess i could try
Then, again, ive seen them online on several sites, so it would basically be copying
lynnaluna6 years ago
Yum! I can't wait to try this...
scoochmaroo6 years ago
Holy cow this looks so good.
I was thinking that too!
eash6 years ago
Wow! This looks amazing. I will definitely be trying this in the near future.
paganwonder6 years ago
You guys go ahead and fight over its proper name, I'm heading to the kitchen to make a batch for the cute one who smells good! Bet I have more fun tonight than you!
I wasn't fighting :( I was just pointing out the differences sansoy I don't know if there is chile icecream, but you can get chile smoothies, and beer with tabasco sauce (michelada tabasco I'll post an instructable about this one) doktor all tacos are made with corn tortilla
bruno130696 years ago
Dust the finished product lightly with powdered cinnamon. Oh Yeah... ;)
paulhogan6 years ago
Fantastic! Delicious! Definitely going to make this.
SoapyHollow6 years ago
Wow, what a wonderfully unique idea. Presentation is fantastic; it looks terrific on the plate. I can't wait to try the chocolate tortilla recipe. Go you! (Aside; I wonder if adding a little cayenne or chili pepper to the batter, or maybe making a spicy grenache for the sauce would add an interesting flair?....I'll have to test the theory. Chocolate and chili go surprisingly well together.) This is such a fun idea. I love it!
Could ginger do the trick?
That would be a different flavor profile than the chili...but I bet it would be good!
omnibot6 years ago
Gjdj36 years ago
Awesome! This looks like a great desert!
eleqtriq6 years ago
That looks great. I will try it!
Danielfish6 years ago
Looks delicious! What about the inclusion of a side dish of small wafer salad?
gmjhowe6 years ago
You forgot step 7 - Inhale food. Great Looking Dessert. Keep it up.