These are similar to chocolate turtles only they use hickory nuts instead of pecans and they are a thousand times better.

This started as a simple family tradition of making caramel with hickory nuts around Christmas time, we would go out and find hickory nuts together in the fall then my father would shell them when the time came and we would just sprinkle them on the caramel when we finished, but my father started to experiment and add things like chocolate to make things similar to rolos but then he got the idea to make piles of nuts, add caramel, and dip it in chocolate and thats how this came about.

Step 1: Ingredients

Depending on the amount of nuts you have you may want to halve this.

For the caramel you will need:
2 Cups of sugar
1 3/4 Cups of Corn syrup
1 14 Ounce can of sweetened condensed milk
1/2 Pound of butter
 1 Teaspoon of vanilla

For the chocolate coating you will need a few bars of you favorite chocolate I got a 6-pack of Hershey's chocolate and i used most of it on a half batch.

For the nuts I recommended you go with hickory nuts  you can get them on Ebay either shelled or unshelled or better yet depending on where you live you can go and out and find a hickory tree in the fall and collect them your self just be ready to shell them. If you don't want to bother with hickory nuts you can juts go with toasted walnuts you can get them at your local mega mart.

You can use as many nuts as you like just adjust the amount of caramel you make or the excess caramel can just be poured into a pan and allowed to cool and be eaten as regular caramel.
I never would have thought of using a heating pad to melt chocolate. That is ingenious! Nice instructable and recipe. I'm gonna have to try this one.<br>Thanx.

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