Step 7: Update 2-17-11: Cookies!

Oh, I had a brilliant idea the other night!  I got some more chocolate and vanilla, picked up some mini cookies, and went to town!

This was very successful, I've dipped Mini Oreos in vanilla, and Nutter Butter Bites in chocolate!
Lovin this idea! :D<br><br>The milk chocolate ones remind me of the old school Wonka Bars. I miss them so much....<br>Anyway I will be trying these soon! :)<br>Thank you fir creating this!
Happy to hear you liked the idea, let me know how it turns out!
Thanks ChrysN! <br><br>If you've got a moment, I'd really appreciate a vote in the sodastream contest!
mmm, those look tasty!
Oh, they definitely are! <br><br>If you think I'm worthy, I'd really appreciate a vote in the party foods contest!

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