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Introduction: Chocolate Avocado Mousse

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This is something I've been seeing all over the internets - chocolate avocado mousse! Sounds crazy, I know. But it works. It's actually super tasty! I think I'll be getting my creamy chocolate fix this way from now on. Pudding cups are dangerously full of dairy.

Chocolate avocado mousse is also a really excellent vegan dessert you can throw together in no time. :D

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Step 1: Ingredients

one large avocado
1/4 cup cocoa powder
1/4 cup soy or nut milk
1/4 cup honey 
one teaspoon vanilla

Using the amounts above, you end up with a dark chocolate style mousse. Not too sweet! If you'd like a more milk chocolate flavor, I suggest using a little less cocoa powder and more honey.

Step 2: Combine!

Put everything into a food processor or blender. Break the avocado up into smaller pieces to make it easier on your machine.

(I've got this food processor - I love it! Highly recommended. :D)

Step 3: Blend!

Process for 10-15 seconds and then stop and scrape down the sides. Then process again until nice and smooth.

You can eat it right away or chill for a little whil before you dig in. I just wouldn't let it sit too long in the fridge - once the avocado starts oxidizing like crazy it will alter the flavor, and not in a good way!



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Just zapped some of this up-took no time at all and tastes amazing!!! Totally recommend :-)

We've made this with both chocolate and carob powders, with honey, stevia and maple syrups, all work well. We used almond milk and soy, almond tastes a bit richer, but the soy was fine too. And yes, we've held some over till the next day and it still tasted delicious. Makes a wonderful frosting also. I plan to add a little peppermint extract next time, wanting the mint taste with it. Going to make avocado mint shakes with almond milk for St. Patrick's Day. I am sure it will rival the ones that the local fast food chain makes, and I'll be able to drink it - I am allergic to dairy now. Blessings!

Smashing up digestive biscuits add dates then line a baking dish after coating in Coconut oil. Put your mousse in.
allow to chill in cold fridge or freezer this is vegan cheese cake. You can add coco powder too if needed.

I have made something very similar, but rather than honey, I use a very ripe banana to sweeten it.
Also my solution to the oxidation is to fill ice cream or popsicle molds and freeze. So delicious. Great tutorial!


Vegan friends: Bee-Free (brand) "honey" made from apples does the trick. I've also used maple syrup. Delicious either way!

Ok so if I understand you correctly. You are saying not to let this sit but to eat it ALL right away right?

I don't understand the problem LOL.

Eat chocolate mouse right away hmmm. Yeah THAT will be hard to do lol

Thanks for this recipe :)

This looks amazing! Just to clarify vegans don't eat anything animal products, that includes honey. I'll have to give the recipe to the dessert maker a the restaurant I work for. With a few tweaks this would look great on our vegan dessert menu!

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Just out out of curiosity, wouldn't honey be OK for Vegans given that it's made by bees not from bees?

True vegans don't consume anything produced by an animal including milk and honey.

Use maple syrup and almond milk.

Yes and the reason why is that the bees don't make it for US in the first place, it's theirs. So farming them out and capitalizing on their honey is not a compassionate act and is considered a form of abuse ... using them as a commodity, all the while they are working so hard making it for their own brood. Its like keeping the cows pregnant in order to take their milk all day long until they are bloody and infected. Sounds awful but someone has to start saying this sort of thing because Corporate America could care less. Amongst vegans very controversial and considered a breach by some.

The people who run apiaries or beehive farms would NEVER starve their bees, they leave them plenty. Otherwise they would kill their revenue. Bees produce far more than the hive will ever consume, that is why honey is so readily available. I recommend you visit a beekeeper and learn before telling people not to consume an extremely health guarding product!

I've found that, yes, strict vegans will not have honey. That being said, most vegans I know eat honey, but choose to buy it locally where they know where it's coming from. I liken it somewhat to how certain vegetarians eat fish (or are pescatarians) and it's something you just need to ask ahead of time.

a good vegan substitute for honey is rice malt syrup which you can get at most supermarkets :)

The presence of the pit in avocado doesn't slow oxidation except by stopping some of the fruit coming into contact with the air. So anything that does that will do (plastic wrap, golf ball...) Bit of an urban myth type thing going on there!

This is silly anyway, preventing oxiddation is to keep the avocado from turning brown, chocolate IS Brown... duh!

Try this with a little peanut butter in the mix, or peanut flour if you don't want the sugar and fat from the jarred stuff. It's *amazing*!