Chocolate chip cookies

Picture of Chocolate chip cookies
I'll show you how to make chocolate chip cookies. Come on, I know you like them.
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Step 1: Preparation

Picture of Preparation
Hi all you cookie eating fox out there, I think it's time for me to show you how to make your own delicious easy chocolate chip cookies in no time.
Shall we start?
The first thing to do is to gather all your stuff and lay it on the table. Make sure nothing is missing!

Materials needed:
500 g. of plain flour
200 g. of plain sugar
250 g. (1 stick) of butter
2 eggs
200 g. of chocolate or chocolate chips
100 g. of peanuts, hazelnuts, dried fruits... whatever will do
10 g. (1 little bag) of baking powder
Some vanilla extract

Tools needed:
A mixer with a mixing bowl
A weighing bowl
Any dishes to keep the flower and the sugar in
A spoon
Some baking paper
A pan to bake the cookies into

Step 2: Let the game begin

Picture of Let the game begin
In this step you will start making the cookies.
Just cut the stick of butter in few smaller pieces, throw it in the mixing bowl and turn on the mixer.
Mix the butter for about 6-7 minutes.

Step 3: The eggs

Picture of The eggs
After about 6-7 minutes, turn off the mixer. Crack-open the 2 eggs and throw them too in the mixing bowl. Turn on your mixer again and let it mix the butter and the eggs for another 6-7 minutes.
You should get a homogenate mixture in the end.

Step 4: The sugar

Picture of The sugar
There is nothing to it! Just start adding the sugar in the mixing bowl along with the butter and the eggs slowly.
You might want to decrease the speed of the mixer, but make sure you turn it back up again.
Let it mix for another 6-7 minutes, or so. The mixture should be a bit foamy and smooth in the end.
aviator_Izzay9 months ago

i am making it right now thx for the recipe!

girl5052 years ago
hi i tried your "cookies" and they look like biscuits what did i do wrong
Filipp girl5052 years ago
You probably forgot to put the flour in!(:
Arual6 years ago
I made this cookies and it very delicious , thanks a lot
5ar (author)  Arual5 years ago
 You're welcome. Glad you liked them. 
Filipp 5ar2 years ago
Me too, I like them.
Filipp2 years ago
Really nice cookies, except that you forgot to type in to put the baking powder in! Good thing I noticed, though.
violetkitty4 years ago
did u know that if u add colored sprinkles to any chocolate chip cookie mix( inside the mix) it makes it taste sweeter
Just made these and they are AWEsome!

Only thing missing from the recipe though is when to add the baking powder. I did it in Step 6 when I added raisins instead of nuts.

aku885 years ago
Hi, is there a lot of difference if I beat the eggs for 6 minutes compared to 1 or 2 minutes? My mom was insisting it doesn't have to be beaten so much. Just wondering =)
knektek5 years ago
just made a batch.... They're awesome!
knektek5 years ago
could we use self-raising flour? Just to make the batch a little bit bigger?
OMG THANK YOU THANK YOU! I made these cookies (69 of these babies!) and wow they are so good. I love you for this!
MegaMaker6 years ago
Cookies. I like cooky.
the recipe here is worth trying but I added a secret ingredient to make the cookies moist and sweeter, rose water. try it you will love it
5ar (author)  hellbound6666 years ago
You are probably right, yeah.
i hope you like my idea and that you try it very soon.
Jack_in47 years ago
If only I had eggs. *cries*
bobt4 Jack_in46 years ago
i have them *throws a carton*
Blue_Flame6 years ago
lovely...*digs in and stuffs himself...*
pyro 3606 years ago
Star by taking some of the dough slight spelling mistake ;) cool going to make them
it could be just easier if u melt the butter.
5ar (author)  kmvngz_dkna2026 years ago
There is no actual need for melting the butter. And I suspect it would harm the shape of the cookies.
no, it doesnt really. why would it distort the shape of the cookie? u melt the butter so that it'll be easier to mix with the flour and whatnot, it still going to be a cookie dough eventually. i always do it at home. it doesnt affect the shape..
nibbler1256 years ago
if only i had some bakin soda
actually the baking soda can be left out.. my mom usually does that..
5ar (author) 7 years ago
That is correct. Whenever I say ‘moulding’, I definitely mean ‘kneading’. Thanks.
zimbabve 5ar6 years ago
More Petar, Ti li si voa na slikite so mesis ili e nekoj maneken. Aj doma da napravis i za cicko ti. Pozz
Babyshoes7 years ago
Where you say 'moulding' I think you mean 'kneading' or 'mixing'...
5ar (author) 7 years ago
Yes, the nuts are purely for flavour. Instead, you can add more chocolate chips, dried fruits... Whatever.
Dorkfish927 years ago
YUM! Are the nuts for flavor? How would the cookies be without nuts?