Step 3: Cool

Here's the hard part- letting it cool. I put in the freezer on a cookie sheet for 20 minutes and this speeded up things.

Meanwhile, you could lick out that cup you melted your chocolate in. I discovered why so many recipes have a larger ratio of chocolate to beans-- more to lick out with your finger later!! I tried to get a picture of my chocolate covered finger, but the camera refused to work, so I only got one picture, but I do confess that it was finger licked. See ducky doesn't lie.

i just started roasting my own coffee this sounds fantastic with a fresh roasted coffee p.s. its super easy hope you like the idea<br>
I am really smiling here because the picture made me very hungry for chocolate! The thing is I do not like coffee much but your grabbed my attention! this looks amazing. Thanks for sharing! <br>sunshiine
I admit, licking the bowl was quite nice! Thanks for your comments! <br>
That is funny!
I would shoot my eye out with this.
I did get a nice little caffeine buzz sampling my batches! Thanks for stopping by!

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