Chocolate covered coffee toffee!

Picture of Chocolate covered coffee toffee!
I never liked coffee. Nasty, bitter, grown up stuff, usually consumed alongside copious amounts of those disgusting cigarettes, and hugely bad for you. And yet, I found my tastes maturing a while ago, allowing me to enjoy wonderful foods I used to bear, but not enjoy, like tomatoes, spicier foods, incredibly dark chocolate, flowers, some cheeses, some spices, and yes, even the smell, if not the flavor of coffee, the awful stuff itself. One day I was encouraging my mom to start drinking tea instead of coffee again, the next I found myself sniffing her half-empty cups of Peet's. And one night when i was buried under a pile of overdue homework i even tried a little sip of it. Bleagh!  Still too bitter... And yet coffee flavored caramels?- yum! So, with my favorite toffee recipe and a few changes of my own, in hand, and, of course the coffee challenge in ,mind, I set out to make my very own coffee candy!
 This, if I do say so myself, is a wonderful recipe!(she said modestly... ;) ) crumbly (not tooth-breaking material!), butterscotch-y, sweet, lent a wonderful smoothness by a generous coating of dark chocolate, and, of course, with a distinct, yet not overwhelming, coffee flavor!
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Step 1: Gather les ingrèdientes!

Picture of Gather les ingrèdientes!
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coffee bean.jpg
6 tbsp black coffee of your choice
1 stick  minus 1 tbsp butter
Pinch of salt
1/2 cup sugar
1/4 cup light brown sugar
1/4 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
1 tbsp very finely ground coffee (optional)
5 oz. or 1 cup chopped chocolate
ashbegash2 years ago
These look fantastic! My mouth is watering! :)
Bergamot (author)  ashbegash2 years ago
Thanks! They were pretty awsome!
Bergamot (author)  jackbrown922 years ago
I don't know what that is, but this is the third instructable I've seen it on...
This looks really yummy. Great Job!
Bergamot (author)  straycatmeow2 years ago
coffee, chocolate,and toffee, mmmmm sounds great
Bergamot (author)  AussieAnglerGal3 years ago
Well, I have to admit: it's a pretty awesome combination! ; P
haha, certainly is!
is the toffee brittle or chewy?
Bergamot (author)  AussieAnglerGal3 years ago
As a matter of fact, it's neither! It's actually, unlike any other toffee I've ever had, crumbly! After I first made it, it seemed too hard, so I baked it, making it almost melt in your mouth! Yay for crumbly foods! :D
wow totally cool! well done for this recipe! awesome
Bergamot (author)  AussieAnglerGal3 years ago
Aww, shucks!... (I don't ever actually say that, it just seemed to fit!;P)
hahahhaha, yea