Introduction: Chocolate Covered Pretzels

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Want to make pretzels... with a twist? Then see this instructable!

Step 1: Supplies

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Chocolate bar or chips
Pretzels or pretzel sticks

Step 2: Melting

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Melt chocolate on stove.

Step 3: Dipping

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Dip the pretzels in the melted chocolate, and put them in the freezer.

Step 4: Enjoy!

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In a few hours, you will have amazing pretzels!


AussieAnglerGal (author)2011-12-05

excuse me but i was wondering- i'm not a pretzel fan but i need them in a Christmas recipe, do they freeze ok or do they go soggy?

scratch that, during the recipe making i did try pretzels again and YUM
dipped it in chocolate DOUBLE YUMMMM

cnegrea (author)2010-05-16

the most complex instructable ever, ha, ha

Punkguyta (author)2010-04-25

 I find it funny you didn't even use your own pictures. Fail

winits (author)2009-08-08

love this idea since they stopped selling them thanks :)

firefliie (author)winits2009-08-15

when did they stop selling chocolate pretzels....?

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