Chocolate cream pie

Picture of Chocolate cream pie
Chocolate cream pie is the ultimate dessert. It's rich, chocolaty, and super dense. It's a must have at every holiday and family get together. I'm pretty sure my sister and I could not live without.

Also known as:
The Greatest Pie in the Cosmos,
The Only Reason I Like Christmas,
The Happy-Maker,
Chocolate Overdose,
Pudding Pie.

My grandmother was the original maker, and now my mom carries on the tradition. I think I'll be bringing it everywhere now that I've got this documented. Thank you mom! :D

The crust is prebaked and then the filling is made, poured into the pie and refrigerated. The filling can also be used as a stand-alone pudding. Just increase the amount of milk to 2 1/4 cups!
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Step 1: Ingredients!

Picture of Ingredients!

You will need:
  • ready made pie crust or crust of your choice!
  • 3 egg yolks
  • 1 cup of sugar
  • 6 tbsp Hershey's cocoa powder
  • 4 tbsp room temperature butter
  • 1/3 cup AP flour
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • 2 cups milk (we use 2%, my Gran used whole) (2011 Christmas update: vanilla soy milk is better than both of those. It yields a more gelatinous and cocoa-y pie)
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract

  • pie pan
  • saucepan
  • nonstick stirring utensils
  • whisk
  • wax paper

Step 2: Bake the pie crust and let cool!

Picture of Bake the pie crust and let cool!

You will be blind-baking/pre-baking the crust.

Make sure that you press the crust into the pan firmly and prick both the sides and bottom with a fork. Cut the excess crust from the edges. If you desire a pretty finished product, flute the crust with your fingers. Otherwise, pressing all around with the tines of a fork works just as well. :D

Once done, set aside and let cool.

Step 3: Making the filling, part one.

Picture of Making the filling, part one.

The first thing you need to do is combine 2 tbsp of room temperature butter with 6 tbsp of cocoa.
Microwave these for 30 seconds. Stir until combined. It will still be a fairly dry mixture at the end but it'll be balling together. :)

Set this aside and separate three egg yolks. (Pour them back and forth between shell halves until all white is out of the shell!) Beat these lightly and let them hang out while you move on to the next step.

Step 4: Making the filling, part two.

In a sauce pan, combine the cocoa and butter mixture you just made, along with the cup of sugar, the flour and the salt.

Use your whisk to break up as many lumps as you possibly can before moving on. :D

Now, pour in the two cups of milk and turn the heat on to medium.

Whisk like crazy! I mean it! Whisk like your life depends on it! It's going to get darker and darker as it gets warmer and comes together.

You need to whisk until it comes to a boil. When it comes to a boil, cook it for two minutes exactly, still whisking like a crazy person. It should be looking smooth, dark and be relatively thick at this point.

Then, remove from the heat and move on to the next step.

Step 5: Making the filling, part three.

Once the pan is off the heat you need to temper those egg yolks! Take a small spoonful of the hot chocolate mixture and add it to the yolks and start stirring! Add a little more and stir again. Now your yolks should be nice and warm and ready to add to the pan.

Once the yolks are in, put the pan back on the heat and cook for an additional two minutes! No more, no less!

Once the two minutes are up, stir in the vanilla and the remaining 2 tbsp of butter.

Now we'll put the filling in the shell!

Step 6: Filling, covering and cooling!

Picture of Filling, covering and cooling!

Pour the filling into your completely cooled pie crust and smooth with a spatula.

This is where the wax paper comes in. You need to cover the entire filling with wax paper - otherwise, it grows a skin. Sounds gross, right? It is.

Use wax paper, kids!

Cut off a square and then press it on the filling. Cut around the edges so that it's less likely to move.

You'll need to cool the pie in the fridge for a couple of hours. Serve with whipped cream or alone and enjoy the best pie in the history of the cosmos!

Step 7: Video for clarification of the way things should look!

Picture of Video for clarification of the way things should look!
I also took this fancy little video. You should watch it in high quality so you can see my typo. :D

This should help you figure out if you're doing what you needs to be doing. Yep!

FloweGirl8 months ago

Turned out just awesome! Made it for Thanksgiving but had to have a taste :)

MMacG11672 years ago
I assume you make the whipped cream yourself from heavy whipping cream. How much does it take to cover the pie?
jessyratfink (author)  MMacG11672 years ago
Hah! We actually didn't. This pie is perfect for the kind out of the can. I'd say you could get enough to cover it by using 3/4 cup of whipping cream, though. :D
one word....WOW
weasel9996 years ago
i tried it was awesome
jessyratfink (author)  weasel9996 years ago
Yay! Glad you liked it. :D
ive seen this other recipe 4 cake where all the ingredients were put in a coffe mug and baked in a microwave ..............would that work here
jessyratfink (author)  weasel9996 years ago
I don't think so - considering it's so much about the amount you stir and having the right temperatures at the right time, it'd probably get really icky. :P
Oh Man! You're soooooo on! This is uuber-close to my grandma's chocolate-pudding pie, but ours is far more structurally sound! >> coming soon!
jessyratfink (author)  T3h_Muffinator6 years ago
Is the crust made of concrete and rebar? :O
NachoMahma6 years ago
. Chicken and dumplin's, chocolate pie, biscuits 'n' gravy, ... if you can make a pecan pie, I'd like to propose. :)
jessyratfink (author)  NachoMahma6 years ago
I expect a proposal pretty soon, good sir. I'm making a super awesome pecan pie today!
. Woot! I'm going shopping for a ring this PM. ;) . I saw the iBle and it's great.
Coggz6 years ago
hey don't waste the egg whites. Whisk them up to a thick merigue add a little sugar as you whisk, then spread it all over whack it back in the oven to brown and voila!! chocolate meringue yummy pie!
jessyratfink (author)  Coggz6 years ago
My mom and I actually really hate meringue, hence not using the whites for that. But it will certainly work for other people! :D
mg0930mg6 years ago
This looks scrumptious Jessy! I will have to try it soon.
Would you send me a piece. LOL.:)
KentsOkay6 years ago
I know what I'm having this weekend....
Now why would anyone in their right mind eat this only at family get-togethers and holidays?! *dies in awe*
make it every weekend!
I made it. It tasted good, the texture was bizarre though... I had to resort to using 1%, so I assume thats what made it into the jellyish elastic mess that it is. Tastes great though. Thanks for the recipie!
luvit6 years ago
i bowed to you and hit my head on my monitor. i kill for choc cream pie.
SoapyHollow6 years ago
You are an evil, evil, EVIL woman. I really like that about you!
Must it be Hershey cocoa powder or can it be just normal no name?
jessyratfink (author)  I_am_Canadian6 years ago
As long as it's good quality, it shouldn't be an issue. It's just that my Gran used Hershey's, and so my mom does as well, as will I. :)
Ah, I see. I will make this ol' pie tonight! I will let you know how it works out. Thanks!
cocoa powder is cocoa powder, however i personally prefer Hershey products, and it seemd the atuhor does too...
Foaly76 years ago
ahhh, pie. (Hippies saying "dude" and zen music playing) :P
ChrysN6 years ago
Yum, that looks amazing!
randofo6 years ago
Please to mail.