Step 5: Time to Paint!

Painting with chocolate is much easier than you may first think.  It is important to have runny chocolate to achieve a crisp finished piece. Start by painting the outermost color first (ie those colors you will see in the foreground) and work your way to the background colors. 
For the iPad I started doing the most intricate parts of dark, white, and a mixed chocolate for the apps.
To layer colors without bleeding simply place the piece in the refrigerator between applications to harden the chocolate for painting over.

If you would like to use colors other than the shades created with chocolate and vanilla, I suggest using colored candy melts.  Do not experiment with food coloring that is water based as this would cause the chocolate to seize up and harden.  Food color gels may be used but requires some experimenting.  I usually purchase multicolored candy melts and pick out the colors I need to melt.
<p>lol might make one of these and then accidently drop it and watch my sisters face when she thinks its here, top idea</p>
Such a neat idea!
This is such an amazing idea! SO creative! :D
This is great! I did something similar for the pie competition. Great minds think a like!
xD So... Epic somehow... xD<br><br>Me: *eats it, spits something out* Pfft! Ugh, there's a wire in mine... <br><br>Just a small sketch... :DDD
I will be gifting these to my teachers...
I would love to see them when you have finished making them. Post a link!
ok, but I am now considering to do iPhones instead of iPads, I hope the instructable works (I think so...)
iPhones will be great, they make more sense as an individual gift!
Great job, a definite winner!!!!!!
This is awesome! To prevent the wrinkled finish from the parchment paper, you may be able to iron it for future projects. I iron my regular paper to get it crisp, I don't see why it wouldn't work for parchment. Alternately, I'd try broiling it for maybe ten seconds and then tapping it to get a level surface? I'm just nitpicking, as the level of detail on this is exquisite aready!
good suggestions indeed... i made the mistake of putting the chocolate in the freezer because i was in a rush to see my creation, opps :) lesson learned
Original sweets
A++ i love the creativity<br>
i was going to do this, but i wanted to do it in color :) cute job~!
I thought about color, however from experience not only does colored chocolate taste bad, but it also doesn't melt as well. I have however made color chocolate art that has looked very pleasing, give it a try sometime!
i like the colored melts better than colored white chocolate. (like my instructable) i hate white chocolate, so the brains i made, make me want to barf LOL
haha, well at least they look cool
On step 6, you've got two copies of the white chocolate piping bag. Just FYI :-)
Thank you, I'm not sure if editing my instructable will kick me out of the contest or not so I'm going to have to leave it for now.
It won't. There is an explicit forum topic on this subject from Staff.
do you by any chance know where the forum can be found?
Wow... Well, there goes my shot at first prize. ;)<br><br>Seriously, well done. I might try making it!
Thanks, I would love to see your creation once it is done!
Ok, this is just plain funny! Nice job!
Great Instructable! Very well written :) and a cool idea! And yummy!
Too big for me! I would prefer small chocolates iphone...
Outstanding project! And written up beautifully; thanks for sharing this with the rest of us :-)
This is brilliant... welldone :D

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