This is an instructable for Beck's chocolate-covered cherry mice - easy to make, and will have much more of an effect than those boxes of chocolates at extortion-level prices.

A whole mess of these will run you maybe $15

... Beck is the name of the elderly German woman who showed me this so long ago...

Step 1: Ingredients:

To create the little buggers you will need:

Stemmed maraschino cherries (I actually had to do some looking to find ones with stems)
Sliced Almonds
white decorative frosting (squeeze-tube applicators make it go MUCH faster)
Chocolate of your choice - I went to the local confectionery and scored some of theirs, chocolate chips will do... Cheaper chocolates will not melt as well
Hersey's Kisses or 'kiss'-shaped chocolate (not the fancy stripy kinds)

double burner

<p>I have made these several times before too. This year we decided to try pumpkin spice mice, which were sitting on pumpkin spice flavored oreos, had pumpkin spice hershey kiss heads, and pumpkin spice slivers of candy corn for ears. I've tried several things to replace the almond slivers for ears in the past (we have a nut allergy in the family), but so far slivers of candy corn is my favorite since the color change is kind of neat. </p>
<p>I've also switched to using cherries that are already de-stemmed to make the whole mouse edible, which is why my mice have their tails drawn onto the cookies. </p>
I make these every year, they're a huge hit, I saw it on some kids program. One hint to keep the chocolate from clumping or hardening to fast (in the pot) is to coat the bottom of the pan with oil (i use vegetable), like one cap full and then mix in the melting chocolates.
This is great! I used this as the subject matter for my how-to speech in my speech class...definately a hit! a few variations for anyone interested: a way to make them even cuter is to 1st make white eye spots, then add dark or milk chocolate dots for the pupils...use a toothpick and be careful! I put mine near the top of the white spot-it gives the illusion of the mouse looking innocently up at you. On a few of my mice, I also drew eyebrows with white chocolate to make them look scared... they were diagonal lines that were higher in the middle and lower on the sides if that makes any sense. You can also double dip...just dip the cherry in one kind of chocolate (say, white chocolate), let it harden, then dip it in another kind (like milk chocolate) but only halfway and continue to finish decorating it to look like a mouse...gives the illusion of a mouse with a cute little white butt! haha my class loved those ones. And I haven't tried it, but for someone who likes white chocolate, I think it would be cute to find white-chocolate kiss-like candies and make an all-white mouse... Sorry, I'm sort of rambling on now...
hee hee white chocolate kiss like candies
The green is melted green Wilton candy melts. They come in many colors, but all except the brown (chocolate) ones are vanilla. You can buy them at any Michael's, JoAnne Fabrics, or anywhere they sell cake decorating stuff for holidays. A little goes a long way.
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well done! What may I ask is the green on the oreo?
I make these at Christmas time, using Wilton's candy melts for dipping the cherries, and putting them on a dipped Oreo. Always a crowd-pleaser!
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