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My girlfriend likes dinosaurs, and everybody loves chocolate... so why not combine both and make a nice gift for her!
It was christmas eve and I couldn't decide what to give her, when suddenly it hit me: chocolate dinosaurs, but I needed special items for it's manufacture. This is how I came up with this. Note that there are better ways for doing this, but if you are in a hurry and you can't go and buy silicone putty or stuff like that, this instructable could save you.

Yoy will need:
-Silicone gun
-Childrens modeling clay
-Regular food oil
-Plain chocolate, not filled or anything.
-Metal pan for the melting

Step 1: Choose your chocolate shape

Picture of Choose your chocolate shape
She always draws this guy, and I thought it would look nice made out of chocolate.
M!key1 year ago

Great idea, but I would advise caution with those things. The glue sticks are not silicone and I'm not sure if they're food safe. You might want to check here:


mexomagno (author)  M!key1 year ago

In that article, they explain that the hot melt adhesive is made from on base material with several additives. Somewhere in the same article, it also says that "Non-toxicity of both the base materials and additives and absence of odors is important for food packaging". That sounds good to me. I haven't made more research on the subject. If someone has something to say about this, please DO.

As for my experience, the dinosaurs turned out perfect (short term speaking).

fpérez131 year ago

La tremenda película.