Step 3: Make the Sauce

take your brown sugar and remaining cocoa powder and sprinkle over the top of your pudding layer, do not stir.
boil water and carefully measure and pour over the pudding mix.
once again, do not stir
This was one of the easiest, <u>tastiest</u> desserts&nbsp;I've made in a long time. SO rich and chocolatey!!!<br> <br> Thanks for sharing, AAG!
haha wow thanks its great to hear that :D <br>great photo too :D
I've made this recipe before and it's awesome with plenty of cream! One of my Aussie favourites. :)
Thank you for the Cream suggestion... it was absolutely perfect!!!
haha, thanks :D <br>
5 Star work! Voted!
thank you so much bajablue! :D
Wow, this looks fantastic. Think I'll have to try it out soon!
thanks! its really easy and tasty <br> please post a photo if you do make it!
Great work! <br>I've been making this since I was a boy. It has always been my favourite. <br>My grandmother used to make this too. Maybe you and I are we related? My beautiful Granny used to add dollops of meringue on top. <br>I was planning to win the dessert challenge with this recipe, but you beat me to it. Good luck. <br>The more people who know this recipe, the happier the world will be.
why thank you for the very nice comment!
Looks absolutely delicious. :D
thanks for the comment Jessy! yea it is :D

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