Chocolate truffles: three easy recipies in one.


Step 3: Turkish Delight and Pistachio in White Chocolate

Picture of Turkish Delight and Pistachio in White Chocolate
Turkish delight and pistachio truffles

The steps for these are almost identical to the peanut butter truffles. In step 1, finely chop the pistachios - you can use a food processor but it works just as well using a sharp serrated knife. Put the turkish delight into a freezer for about 10 minutes to harden it up and make it easier to work with, then chop into very small pieces using kitchen scissors. You might have to wash the scissors a couple of times if they get too sticky.

In step 4, add the pistachios and turkish delight in place of peanut butter.

In step 6, you might find the truffles are too sticky to work easily. This is due to the turkish delight. The easiest way is to place a few drops of vegetable oil on your hands when you roll, wash your hands occasionally when too much residue builds up, and return the mix to the fridge if it gets too difficult. Be patient! It will all be worth it in the end.