With Valentine's Day coming up, I was beginning to search for special gifts for my sweetie. It occurred to me that there really aren't a lot of options for chocolates that are based on flavors for men. At least not many that I could find. So I decided that I would try my hand at making my own chocolates. I started questioning people I knew about what they would like to see made into a chocolate and I went to work. I ended up with all kinds of fun flavors such as a Bacon and Whiskey Chocolate and a Beer and Crushed Peanuts Chocolate.
The chocolates came out a great success and I thought I would share them with you so you too could experiment and create chocolates with unique flavors of your own, whether it be for this Valentine's Day, a birthday, or any old day of the week!
Hope you enjoy!

Step 1:

Before I list any supplies I would just like to state that I will be covering general basic recipes for cream filling and ganache fillings in chocolates. Then I will show you how I added various flavors to the cream and ganache fillings so that you too can further experiment with any flavors you desire.

Side note: Ganache, for those of you who don't know, is a sauce made from chocolate and cream. You can pour it over items to coat them in chocolate while the sauce is still warm or you can let it cool and whip it to make it a filling for certain items such as chocolates or pastries.
<p>hi recipe looks great but I was wondering can you make the filling ahead and refrigerate it till you use it ???</p>
Oh wow! Bacon, chocolate, whiskey!
They make for a great combination!
Beautiful work, Steph!
Thank you!

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