Step 5: Adding Flavors to the Cream Filling!

Picture of Adding Flavors to the Cream Filling!
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After you have picked a flavor to add to the cream filling, get it prepared.
Anything such as chips, crackers, peanuts, etc. need to first be processed or crushed

In my picture, I chose to process some graham crackers to make a s'mores chocolate.
Anywhere from 1/2 cup to 1 cup should mix well depending on how much of the flavor you want to come through. I used 1 cup for my chocolates, of course this is only using the small bowl of cream. Add these to the cream base and mix thoroughly.

Anything liquid that you want to add needs to be at room temperature or you will experience curdling of the cream. It is also very important to only add a small amount at a time and combining before adding another small amount. Baby steps!