Chokeless/Adjustable Paracord Dog Leash





Introduction: Chokeless/Adjustable Paracord Dog Leash

Step 1:

Get 10 foot piece of paracord.

Step 2:

Tie two overhand knots

Step 3:

Tie another knot that can slide down the paracord but not slide over the overhand knots.

Step 4: Adjusting

All you have to do is move the two overhand knots down or up.



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    I like this idea but I'm having trouble visualizing this. Please tell me where those first two overhand knots (step 2) are; on the ends or in the middle? And where is the (step 3) slipping knot? Thanks.

    i agree with Nacho' it is way too thin and is a recipe for disaster. besides that my dog would destroy it in seconds...

    .  No, no, no, no, no! Your cord is much too small and will put too much pressure on a small area of the dog's neck. If the dog tugs hard, the knots will tighten and make them difficult to release, especially in an emergency.

    You can attach it to the collar to if you want by just sliding the loop on the collar.
    + this dog is old an won't tug hard.

    Thats right though NachoMahma

    Im with nachomahma. Maybe 2 or 3 strands would work better

    Your dog is cute! White Eyebrows! HE HE!