Step 5: Plastic Basket Muzzle

This style of dog muzzles is one of the best for everyday walking if your area requires your dog to be muzzled and your dog is not aggressive. This style of Muzzle is too easy for the dog to remove if it tries to attack another dog/human/thing
very helpful, ty!
 I have a metal Muzzle for my ex-racing greyhound. =]
We already have a plastic basket muzzle for cassie because she doesnt like the vet taking her temperature (lol) we just looked for one that allowed her to pant and that fitted lol but this explanation is really clear and would have been really helpful if it was up when i was looking for a muzzle lol
Nice explanations - I had no idea what the differences were! Very useful in case you suddenly find yourself confronted with muzzle laws.
I disagree with your premise but your Instructable is well done.

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