Choose Which Program Starts Up When Your Computer Turns On


Introduction: Choose Which Program Starts Up When Your Computer Turns On

Does it get annoying when you turn on your computer and you have to wait for all of the programs to start up before you can do anything? Well this is how you can change that!

No programs are needed to do this.

Step 1: Start Up

We have to get into "run".
You can do this by pressing the "start" button and the "R" button at the same time.
Or Going to "start", "all programs" Accessories" and then "run".
In "run" type "MSCONFIG" which should automatically bring up a program.

Step 2: Choosing the Programs

Click "startup" in the "System Configuration" program.

Then all there is left to do is tick which programs you want to start up when you turn on your computer :D



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    thank you so much :)

    not all programs are there, how do I add a program to the list?

    Just don't touch the services tab, as it disables services completely and will likely cause issues down the road.

    My first diagnostic act when fixing computers that actually boot to windows is to revert msconfig changes. 4 out of 5 times it will fix the issue, and the other time is usually a virus.

    So just how fast are we talking about here? For instance my i3 running Linux Debian Squeeze finishes its boot process in 5 seconds. I know this by looking at the time stamps in /var/log/syslog.

    For an illustration I have this:

    That is a 1 GHz P3 I run Linux Debian Lenny on, and it takes a whole 16 seconds to boot up. Older PCs are slower.

    How fast do you think I could get my P3 system to boot Windows 7? It has a designed for Windows 98 SE sticker on the side of it ...

    2 replies

    I'm sorry but I'm not sure because I'm sort of a rookie when it comes to computers I just really only know some handy tips and that. If anyone else can help pfred2 out please do.

    A rookie is all I ever am when it comes to computers. They just keep changing faster than I can keep up. I learn new stuff but not nearly as fast as new stuff comes out, so I know less now than when I started. You may have noticed between my P3 and i3 I had to change how I determined my boot speed. That is because my bootloader changed between those two systems. So the old way I used, that program that made the nice graphical chart, I don't know how to use it with the new bootloader.

    That is a perfect way for making your computer start faster... Also a life-saver instructable for beginners :)

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    Thanks, that was very helpful. I can't believe how much stuff starts up that I don't need.

    1 reply

    That's ok I'm glad I helped you :D and yer it is surprising how much stuff starts up that you don't need :)