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Introduction: Choosing Year 9 Options

Hello guys,

This instructable is basically about choosing "Options" in Year 9. Options are choices which a student makes in their 9th Year, to decide which subjects they, themselves actually want to learn.

I have made this instructable because, my time to choose my options is very near!!! I've just started Year 9. So i thought I might aswell give some tips to other people, who are going to choose their options.

Options are generally in U.K highschools, But this instructable can also be very helpful for "electives" which are very similar to options i believe, but are in Schools across America.

Step 1: Why Are the Options So Important?

I'm sure if you go to a high school in England, you would of heard, or will be hearing eventually
"The Options Talk".

The Options Talk is, where most of Year 9 is gone by talking about Options. You hear it from teachers, professional career advisors, parents, and even sometimes fellow classmates and friends.

Why do they go on about it eh?

Well because it's SO DAMN important. Thats why. These Options are going to be the subjects you study for the next 2 years of high school, up untill college. This means you can pick brand new subjects which you find intresting, keep some that you enjoy, and drop the ones that
you dislike ( oh yes! ).
However, you still have to do the core subjects :

Maths, Science, English....and a recently added one R.S. :-(

So if they are that important, then you should not make any mistakes.

Step 2: What to Do :

So now you know what Options are then; you now need to think about what you like doing.

Firstly, make a list of subjects that you wan't to do, or are intrested in.

Then make a list of subjects that you want to keep and are good at.

Then make a list of subjects that you want to drop, due to ; you make dislike it, not find it very intresting e.g.

Keep in mind you only get about 12* ( I am not sure i think so) slots to fit in your options including the core subjects.
Not alot is it..... thats why you must choose wisely.

Step 3: What Not to Do :

Ok, these are the don'ts now. Things that you shouldn't do when picking your Options.

Don't pick a subject just because a friend is picking it. -
A big don't. Chances are you will be in a totally different class. Also these Options are for what you want to do, and are a big influence in the career you want in life, or the job your going to get. Not for some other person; you !!!!!

Don't pick a subject because you like the teacher -
Very likely you will get a different teacher in the following year, so you would of lost out.

Don't pick a subject beacuse it sounds easy -
Sometimes it isn't easy, and you might find the subject boring but will have to stick with it for a whole 2 years until college.

Don't pick a totally new subject that you never have heard of -
There is a possibility you might dislike it or find it difficult.

Step 4: Good Luck !

Good luck with your new subjects then. You should remember to only pick an Option because you want to do it!

These Options determine what kind of Job you get, and they aid in attaining youre desired career. So choose wisely!

Also remember to succeed in school, you need to do well and get good grades. So also focus on academic work, assignments, course-work, homework etc...

Good luck in the future! Hopefully this instructable will aid in the process of choosing your Year 9 Options!

I hope you have enjoyed my first Instructable. Please comment and rate if you find it helpfull or good.
Also you are welcome to provide any other tips you have, on the comments page. I might also update them to the instructable if i find them particulary good.

Thank you for viewing my first Instructable.



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    hey I am in year 8 and it is currently summer holidays. so next year I'll be in year 9, I would like to be a pilot or possibly work in job similar to that but I have no idea what subjects to take! I've researched, believe me, but it hasn't been much help. please help !!! thanks.

    I am in the same position as you! I would just go for what you enjoy, at the end of the day you want to be doing a job that you enjoy so if you take subjects you enjoy they should take you to a job you enjoy. I would recommend taking triple science and maybe physcology to be a pilot? wish you the best of luck xx

    hey, I am going into year 9 and have no idea what to take! I think I would like to something with sport and maybe a physio. I would obivulsly take 3 sciences and P.E but at my school you have to pick 11, which I'm finding really difficult, pease help! xx

    bruv also in year 9 and I have 8 weeks till I have to choose my options. don't no wat to choose? something to do with beauty, media or law? please reply babe to help meee! thx xx

    art, business and psychology would be a great mix if you're wishing to take a career in art, media and law. media studies would also be a great option!

    Hey, I'm in year 8 and I pick me options in a few weeks. I'm unsure on what to take because I want to be a police officer, could you pls respond within the 6 weeks I have to pick them. This would mean a lot because no other website has provided me with such information!

    for a police officer, you should definitely take history and psychology, because a lot of history is about investigating and psychology is the study of the brain, you can learn about criminals and it will help you to understand peoples way of thinking! if you have an extra option left, just take a subject that you really enjoy! hope this helped :)

    My school pick their options in year 8 and I really want to be a teacher. I pick my options next month and I don't know what to take to become a teacher. Any ideas or help?


    If you want to be a primary school teacher, take all maths and sciences

    You don't pick your yeap 9 options in year 8. But you can get to drop subjects at or near the end of the school year. However this is not as important as the year 9 options. Don't your teachers tell you this? I'm also in year 8