Picture of Choosing Your First Ocarina

Ocarinas are a truly beautiful instrument that dates back thousands of years. In this Instructable, I will be giving tips and advice for those choosing their first ocarina.

Step 1: Ocarinas I Do Not Recommend

Picture of Ocarinas I Do Not Recommend

Peruvian Pendants are a very common type of ocarina, and usually have 6-8 holes. they are also known for having unique designs on them.

However, i do not recommend these ocarinas for a couple of reasons:
-The are made out of cheap clay that doesn't resonate well.
-They have little or no tuning.

however if this is the only ocarina available to you, any Ocarina is better than none at all.

SharonGrace3 months ago
This is a great ible! But for the record, the Chinese were the first to make an ocarina, but a European guy was the first to turn it into a transverse and give it 9 - 12 holes. Nice ocarina collection!
Oh wait..I meant to post that somewhere else...
jbeach49 months ago

lol, i see what you did there :D

16lundgcodm2 years ago
Add a link for the zelda ocarinas!!!

go to thinkgeek.com

mmtz13 years ago
Do you have a fingering chart for an Alto C ocarina... It's the $3 type
Such as this

Any suggestion will appreciated ... Thanks!
I remember my first ocarina. A peruvian pendant I got in New Orleans. ah, memories.
mommydono4 years ago
I wondered what the painted sharks teeth had to do with ocarinas...wonderful information on the different types, that's a lovely and varied collection you have, thank you for sharing.
ubersquirel4 years ago
Wow, that collection runs the whole gambit of ocarina types...
OOH! Is that a multi-chambered ocarina I see?
zigojacko4 years ago
Wow. Ocarina's - I had forgotten these even existed, remember playing these at school when I was a kid. I have never seen nor heard of one since.
snakeyjakey4 years ago
only problem is that all the good looking ones are really expensive
Do you have any....fingering charts (i guess) for a 9-hole ocarina. I don't play mine much except from ear. Thanks.
sir-zeke (author)  Keira_Yagami4 years ago
What kind is it?
is it one of the following?

its is the
one, only I didn't order it from there so I didn't get the song book.
sir-zeke (author)  Keira_Yagami4 years ago
How's this?
That's great! Thank you, now to decode some music. That much the band nerd part of me Can do ^_^.
Do you recommend an alto(c) or soprano(c) sweet potato ocarina? Or a key besides c?
sir-zeke (author)  Slayerfan6664 years ago
Well, Alto's are larger than sopranos, so they are usually better for people with large hands, however it really depends on how high you want it to sound, the sopranos is higher than the alto, so the alto may be better for those with sensitive hearing.
Ok, cool thanks.
baconrocks4 years ago
Thats an amazing ocarina collection! Where did you get the really small necklace ones?
crossfire4 years ago
You sure like your ocarinas!
Thanks for the 'ible