Hi! I'm Sharon. This is my first-well, I guess you could say second, ible, I made this ible before but somehow it disappeared and I didn't have the ambition to re-do it at the time.. So this is around a year later...This is an Instructable advising the best places to buy a Ocarina. Hope it helps you fulfill your ocarina-owning dreams! ;)

Step 1: Choosing between replica, and pure musical use.. This is the STL Ocarina summary thingy..

Do NOT buy and ocarina off of Amazon or eBay unless you carefully review and check out what other people are saying about the ocarina in question. You could end up spending 40 bucks on a horribly tuned, useless piece of clay. But on the other hand you could end up with a absolutely great instrument, as long as you carefully research the reviews of the product you are buying..Just really pay attention.. You might be able to get a great deal cheaper if you do. Though I might add, both STL and songbird, sell some of their Ocarinas on Amazon, you could buy them from there, but make sure it's STL or Songbird selling..

There are two absolutely great places to buy an ocarina.

#1 is Stlocarina.com, which doesn't have an exact replica of the ocarina of time, if that's what you're looking for, but it does have a BIG selection of ocarinas, for a reasonable price, depending on what you're looking for..

If you want beginner a ocarina, or just want to see if you like it, I would buy a plastic one, which range for 10 to 30 dollars.. Next is the songbird site summary thingy..

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